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Been in Japan for a long time, visiting Akihabara often.

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Princess's engagement to be announced in July www3.nhk.or.jp

The Imperial Household Agency is planning to announce Princess Mako's engagement to Kei Komuro, possibly on July 8th.

Agency officials say Agency Grand Steward Shinichiro Yamamoto will hold a news ...

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Fire Ants! www3.nhk.or.jp

Officials in the western Japanese port city of Kobe say about 100 more fire ants have been found in a container storage space.

The highly poisonous ants are originally from South America. Their sti...

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Giant panda at zoo in Tokyo gives birth to a cub www3.nhk.or.jp

A giant panda at Tokyo's Ueno Zoo, named Shin Shin, gave birth to a cub on Monday. The birth of a panda cub at Ueno Zoo is the first in 5 years.

The zoo observed copulations between Shin Shin and a...

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