How Blue Lights on Train Platforms Combat Tokyo's Suicide Epidemic - Next City

The most visible of the government's anti-suicide efforts can be found in Tokyo's train stations. Photo credit: Janne Moren via Flickr There is a blue light at the end of the train platform, and it...

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Smartphone/Tablet Arms for Desktop Users

This accessory is popular among desktop gamers, who spend a long time looking at their monitors but also like to have a glance at their phones without taking their hand off the game.

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The Junk Bins of Akihabara

Akihabara, Tokyo has transformed over the years. In its present form Akihabara emerged from the ruins of a devastated Tokyo after World War 2 when the entire district was burnt to the ground. The a...

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Moon House: a home designed around circular margins of undefined space
photos by kenta hasegawa courtesy Fumiaso Architecture & Associates

Fumi Aso was recently named best young architect by the Architectural Institute of Japan’s Kansai chapter, for her Moon H...

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Onewheel electro motorcycle is shipping this summer [jp]

Even thoug the article is Japanese, it is quite curious. TO be frank I have completely no idea how this thing is going to work!

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Kirin Beer Event in AKIBA aiming for a Guinness Record!

As a promotion event for Kirin Beer´s "Kirin Nodogoshi Nama" (??? ???????) brand, Kirin plans a giant "Nagashi Sômen" (flowing noodles) track/table (?????????).

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Otherworldly Photos of the Antarctic by Yutaka Kagaya
“the arctic universe,” the place Kagaya feels is most closest to space

Yutaka Kagaya is a self-proclaimed “planetarium imagery creator” and a CG artist with a passion for all things celestial. ...

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Upload unforgettable winter scenes to social networks! | GOOD LUCK TRIP JAPAN

Japan has four very distinct seasons, which makes pictures taken in the same spot look entirely different depending on the season. Many people say that winter photos are particularly artistic. This...

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Miyazaki's Beautiful Antiwar Dreams

War and peace in the films of Studio Ghibli It is the last year of the Second World War. American bombers drop napalm canisters on Kobe, Japan, setting the picturesque city of wood, canvas, and pap...

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Nissan's 'yellow cab' minivan taxis debut in Tokyo

Four years after they made a splash in New York, spacious yellow wagon-type cabs from Nissan Motor Co. made their debut in Tokyo on June 8. The Nissan NV200 Vanette minivan taxis are much roomier t...

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