Nishi Honganji Temple opens decorative gate

Tourists were given a rare treat Sunday when Kyoto’s Nishi Honganji Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage site, opened its centuries-old Karamon gate for the first time in 34 years.

“This is my hometown ...

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Hayao Miyazaki - New Movie

Legendary Japanese animation director Hayao Miyazaki has come out of retirement from making feature-length films.

Miyazaki's production base, Studio Ghibli, said on Friday that he had begun working...

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Go Visit the New Ota Art Museum & Library

Take the train from Tokyo’s Kitasenju-station, about 80 minutes North-East up to Gunma Prefecture, and you will arrive at Ota station. In front of Ota station’s North Exit is the newly opened Ota A...

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The 10 Best Free Art Galleries in Tokyo

Tokyo’s art scene is impressive, with brilliant galleries littered across the city all showing off cutting-edge work from some of Japan and the world’s most exciting artists. Best of all, many won’...

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Aimer to Perform Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel Theme Song

Aimer will perform the theme song to Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel Part 1 Presage Flower, the first part of the upcoming film trilogy, set to premiere on Oct. 14!

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The Incredible Sand Sculptures of Toshihiko Hosaka

Toshihiko Hosaka began making sand sculptures in art school and has been using beaches and sand boxes as his canvas for almost 20 years. His work defies what we typically think of as sand art as he...

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Photographer Shoichi Aoki on capturing Tokyo street fashion

For over two decades, Japanese photographer Shoichi Aoki has been documenting the most outlandish, provocative and definitive Tokyo street fashion.

But in December 2016, Aoki shut down the cult fan...

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Nintendo x Uniqlo T-shirt Competition Winners On Sale From May 19

Uniqlo’s UT Grand Prix T-shirt design contest received the largest number of entries ever last year. The theme of the competition was Nintendo and fans from all over the world were invited to submi...

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Sacred island of Okinoshima recommended for UNESCO World Heritage site status

Japan and its tourism industry is obsessed with UNESCO World Heritage sites, a fascination driven by a highly successful TV show. While other countries boast many more registered sites, locals are ...

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Keeping Japan’s Traditional Music Alive: Koto Player Curtis Patterson

Chicago-born Curtis Patterson has lived in Japan since 1986, dedicating himself to the koto, a traditional Japanese instrument something like the harp. In addition to composing and performing music...

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