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Success rate for Japanese-language student visa applications plunges english.kyodonews.net

The success rate for Sri Lankan applicants was 21 percent, down from 50 percent.
The decline in the percentage of visa approvals started to become prominent from October last year, the association sa…

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Bullet train ran with open door at 280 kph, none injured english.kyodonews.net

KYODO NEWS - 10 hours ago - 19:56 | LifestyleA bullet train running at a speed of 280 kilometers per hour had a door open during its journey from Sendai in northeastern Japan to Tokyo on Wednesday, b…

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Village opens hotel in traditional house to spur revitalization english.kyodonews.net

KYODO NEWS - 14 hours ago - 16:00 | Lifestyle, All, JapanA new hotel in a traditional wooden house has been opened in a small village in Yamanashi Prefecture, west of Tokyo, in the hope of revitalizi…

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