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I love Japan and I visited it many times. I dream of going back there every single day.

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Bitcoin Adoption Grows in World’s Leading Electronics District

I am not sure how trustworthy a source of information Nigeria Today is. Personally I have a difficulty of trusting anything Nigerian online :)

But it is quite cool if some offline shops in Akihaba...

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Disrupting Japan Podcast #92: The Little Startup That Took Down NTT – TownWiFi

It’s rare for a Japanese startup to challenge NTT and come out ahead. But that’s exactly what Takehiro Ogita and his team at TownWiFi have accomplished.

TownWiFi is a mobile app that automatically ...

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Origami-inspired architecture brings diamond lattices to Tokyo's shopping district

This lacy façade is made from 5,315 aluminium panels, capable of sliding on hidden rails. It's the frontage of Ginza Place, on a corner of Ginza Crossing, Tokyo's equivalent of Times Square. Tokyo-...

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