7-Eleven Gets Roasted on Twitter for 7Pay Fail blog.gaijinpot.com

Fast and convenient, mobile payment apps are taking over the world—Japan included. The mobile wallet market is challenging Japanese society’s love of coins and crisp banknotes. In 2018, 25% of smar...

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Posters for the Chinese Theatrical Release of Spirited Away www.spoon-tamago.com

Eighteen years after the release of Spirited Away in Japan, China is getting an official theatrical release next week. And just as he did with the release of My Neighbor Totoro late last year, Chi...

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Politician Support Rises After Installation Of Massive Speaker On Van www.therisingwasabi.com

A politician has increased support over rival candidates, according to a Kyodo News poll on Saturday, after installing a gigantic megaphone on the roof of his sound car.
The latest nationwide surve...

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Stay In A Japanese Castle For Only $9,000 A Night kotaku.com

Starting next year, Ozu Castle in Ehime Prefecture will open its doors to tourists willing to cough up a cool 1 million yen ($9,250) per couple for a night’s stay. This is not the only castle in Ja...

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In Japan, the business of watching whales overshadows resumption of hunt www.reuters.com

People packed the decks of the Japanese whale-watching boat, screaming in joy as a pod of orcas put on a show: splashing tails at each other, rolling over, and leaping out of the water.

In Kushiro...

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Hot-spring resorts debate allowing tattooed tourists ahead of Rugby World Cup www.japantimes.co.jp

With Japan expecting approximately 400,000 overseas visitors for the 2019 Rugby World Cup set to begin in September, hot-spring resorts across the country are faced with the ever-present issue of h...

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Disrupting Japan: What You Need to Know to Raise Money in Japan www.disruptingjapan.com

Startups and venture capital work differently in Japan.

The rounds are smaller, the priorities distinct, and while the same terms are used, people quickly discover that the definitions are often su...

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Bunch of red Japanese grapes sold for $11,000 at auction english.kyodonews.net

A bunch of red grapes was bought Tuesday in central Japan for 1.2 million yen ($11,000) in the first auction of the season, making it the most expensive since the breed came to market 12 years ago....

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Tokyo (and other cities) as viewed by locals and tourists www.flickr.com

Here's a fun research project - based on photos' metadata this Flickr user mapped places most visited by tourists (red) and locals (blue). Yellow can be either one.

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Japan for Digital Nomads blog.zenshome.jp

Japan is usually thought of as a major travel destination: it's the place you go to marvel at centuries-old temples and traditional towns, not necessarily to get some work done. But it turns out it...

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