Down with the USA!

Support for the United States in Japan has dropped to the lowest level in nine years as only a quarter of Japanese say they have confidence in U.S. President Donald Trump’s policies, according to a...

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JR firms to run joint, across-Japan luxury train tour

The seven Japan Railways Group companies said Tuesday they will offer a special across-Japan sightseeing tour plan using 24 select trains, including the Cassiopeia overnight limited express, whose ...

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Operator of Tokyo ‘JK’ teen dating service arrested

A man has been arrested for hiring a female high school student for a Tokyo dating service after she allegedly ended up having paid sex with a 45-year-old customer, police said Monday.

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Kyushu’s Shinmoedake volcano erupts

Mount Shinmoe in the Kirishima mountain range bordering Kagoshima and Miyazaki prefectures erupted early Wednesday, marking its first such activity in about six years.

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Japanese Food Fair

Japanese companies are pitching food products at a trade fair in Chiba City, near Tokyo, with the aim of expanding their shipments abroad.

The event that opened on Wednesday is part of efforts to a...

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Nintendo’s mini SNES has already been hacked to run more games

Nintendo SNES Classic owners should be glad to learn that more games aren’t out of your reach.

Cluster, the Russian coder who originally cracked the NES Classic Edition, has now figured out how to ...

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Nintendo Registered A "Classic Mini Game Boy" Trademark In Japan

Let's review. Nintendo released a Classic Mini NES. It released a Classic Mini SNES. And now, a Japanese trademark for “Nintendo Classic Mini Game Boy” has been filed in Japan. re...

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8 signs Japan has become a 'demographic time bomb'

Japan is dealing with what economists call a "demographic time bomb."

Through a vicious cycle of low fertility and low consumer spending, the country's economy has gradually shrunk over the last 25...

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10 Places To Experience the Best of Autumn in Japan

Whether you choose to hike or bike on mountain trails, ride a ropeway up a mountain or take a scenic train route, there’s no shortage of spots across Japan to view the colorful displays of fall. To...

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Approach to Shinmoedake restricted

Volcanic eruptions have continued on mount Shin-moedake in southwestern Japan since early Wednesday.

The mountain in Kyushu straddles Kagoshima and Miyazaki prefectures.

The Meteorological Agency h...

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