Record 322,581 suggestions received for naming Ueno Zoo’s panda cub

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government said Thursday it has received a record 322,581 suggestions from the public for the name of the female giant panda cub that was born at Ueno Zoo in the capital in J...

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Daimonji Festival

Huge bonfires on mountains lit up Japan's old capital, Kyoto, on Wednesday night in an annual Buddhist ceremony.

One bonfire on a mountainside formed the shape of the Chinese character meaning "lar...

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Bears beware

If you are a bear who happens to read this page, you might want to stop now and try another link :o)

A type of dagger used by traditional hunters of the Tohoku region, who are known as matagi, is ...

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Legoland Japan park struggling to change overpriced reputation

NAGOYA (Jiji Press) — Legoland Japan, the first outdoor Lego theme park in the country, is struggling to wipe out negative perceptions that its admission fees are too expensive.

Before it opened in...

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Attack of the Giant Pikachus

More than 100 Pikachus danced and paraded in Yokohama on Monday as part of a festival celebrating the mobile phone game Pokemon Go.

“When a lot of Pikachus appeared, they were so cute I couldn’t ha...

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For Yosakoi Fans

Teams of energetic dancers from across Japan have competed on the final day of Yosakoi Festival, the biggest summer event in Kochi, western Japan.

The 64th edition of the Yosakoi dance festival wra...

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The Automobiles of Tokyo 2017

In a crowded city with a population over 13 million people, vehicles here tend to be on the small and efficient side. Gas is expensive, parking is difficult, and driving is on the left side of the ...

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The Yayoi Kusama Museum to Open in Shinjuku in October

Yayoi Kusama, one of Japan’s most prolific and successful artists, is opening her own museum in Tokyo’s Shinjuku ward. The 5-story structure will open to the public on October 1st, 2017.

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For those who know "Che"

An exhibition of photos taken by Ernesto "Che" Guevara opened on Wednesday in Tokyo.

A film-making company is holding the event with about 240 photos to mark 50 years since the death of the man who...

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Japan's 'golden coder' making games apps aged 82

Masako Wakamiya spotted a gap in the games market - and created a games app based on a traditional Japanese dolls festival.

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