City hands manhole covers to lottery-picked buyers

The sale of old manhole covers by a city north of Tokyo has attracted many buyers amid the growing popularity in the metal lids featuring designs inspired by local landmarks and specialties.


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Mitsubishi Electric sued over employee's suicide

The parents of an employee of Mitsubishi Electric who committed suicide have filed a damages lawsuit against the company with the Tokyo District Court.

The 25-year-old man committed suicide last No...

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First Pacific saury haul 2017

The season's first Pacific saury catches arrived at a port in northern Japan on Wednesday. This is the latest arrival date in 8 years.

Saury catches at the Onagawa port on the Pacific coast are amo...

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Record 322,581 suggestions received for naming Ueno Zoo’s panda cub

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government said Thursday it has received a record 322,581 suggestions from the public for the name of the female giant panda cub that was born at Ueno Zoo in the capital in J...

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Now, of all the contests,...

About 100 babies took part in a ritual called "crying sumo contest" on Saturday at a shrine in Japan's ancient capital of Kyoto.

The Kitano Tenmangu shrine began the annual event 2 years ago, prayi...

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It's opened! Onsen Amusement Park

A Japanese hot spring resort is providing a rare chance for visitors to enjoy 3 days of spa and amusement park attractions simultaneously.

The "spamusement" park opened on Saturday in the city of B...

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Cabinet approves new guidelines to reduce suicides

Japan's government has set a goal of cutting suicide rates by 30 percent over the next decade.

The Cabinet approved new guidelines on comprehensive measures to prevent suicide on Tuesday.


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Nearly 850 treated at hospitals for heatstroke

Hundreds of people were taken to hospitals across Japan with symptoms of heatstroke on Sunday, as the intense hot weather continues.

Fire departments and police say at least 846 people received med...

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Koike allies secure majority in Tokyo election

In Sunday's Tokyo metropolitan assembly election, Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike's new regional party and candidates supporting her have secured a majority in the assembly. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's...

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World’s first Starbucks coffee shop with tatami rooms to open in Kyoto

Japan’s ancient capital of Kyoto has many tourist attractions to offer, from its historic sites to scenic landscapes, and is now adding a new one to its list — the world’s first Starbucks coffee sh...

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