Govt. to crack down on illegal private lodgings

Japanese authorities are planning to intensify a crackdown on illegal private-lodging businesses.

The move comes at a time when a new law will be put into force that will allow anyone in principle ...

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Tokyo Weekend Plans

A rare chance to see horseback archery, a traditional Oiran Dochu procession, an everything-doggo festival and more.

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Cheap Travel To Narita Airport

For newcomers to Tokyo, it can come as quite a surprise that Tokyo’s main international gateway—Narita Airport—is not really very close to Tokyo at all. In fact, it’s so rural and remote that the v...

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Number of foreign residents in Japan hits new high: again!

The number of foreign residents is Japan has hit a new record high, but there are also more cases of people overstaying their visas.

The Justice Ministry's Immigration Bureau says about 2.56 millio...

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New sightseeing train debuts in Kyoto

Railway fans have flocked to Kyoto for a debut of new train cars that will take tourists to the ancient Enryaku-ji Temple in Mount Hiei.

After a commemorative ceremony, the first train departed Dem...

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Gaijin Engineer in Tokyo

Being a foreign software engineer in Tokyo has its ups and downs. If you work in a company of foreigners you’re mostly shielded from the experience, but if you work in an actual Japanese company th...

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Stopping Suicide: Japan’s Darkest Demon

I began by asking Annesley why March historically sees such a high number of suicides in Japan. “In Japan, March comes right before the start of the new fiscal and academic year. Anxiety and fear p...

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Japanese city plans to boost int'l immigrants

A western Japanese city has unveiled a new plan to urge more foreigners to move there to halt the decline in its population.

Akitakata City is located in a mountainous area in Hiroshima Prefecture....

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JP Smart SIM: A clever way for foreigners to set up their phone in Japan

JP Smart SIM is a service designed and developed specifically for foreign residents in Japan, meaning that all of the problems you might normally encounter (see above) basically just don’t exist. A...

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Black In Tokyo: a Documentary About Life in Japan

A short documentary from 2017 takes a look at the lives of black residents in Tokyo. Directed by Nigerian-American artist Amarachi Nwosu, the film follows five subjects, with origins ranging from W...

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