Tokyo hosts forum on free-meal program for kids

About 200 people gathered on Sunday in Tokyo to discuss better ways of feeding children from low-income and other disadvantaged families.

The subject of discussion was a free-meal program called Ko...

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Winter festival on icy lake

People on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido are making the most of the frigid weather by taking part in a fun event on a frozen lake.

The annual winter festival on Lake Shikaribetsu in the t...

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Snow 2018!

Tokyo gets at most one round of heavy snow every winter, and there is one today!

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Onsen Time!

A group of monkeys at a zoo in Fukuoka Prefecture, western Japan, has been taking refuge from the chilly winter conditions in a hot bath.

Staff at the Fukuoka City Zoological Garden filled a pool w...

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Exploring Japan's 'genderless' subculture

In the narrow alleys of Tokyo's ultra-trendy Harajuku district, a growing number of Japanese men who self-identify as "genderless" are boldly broadening their sartorial and cosmetic choices. With f...

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NHK's False Alert

NHK is apologizing after issuing a false alert that said North Korea had probably launched a missile and warned people in Japan to take cover.

The false message was sent in Japanese shortly before ...

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Coming of Age Day celebrated at 300 meters

A group of young people have celebrated Coming of Age Day in Japan on Monday by climbing up the steps to the top of the country's tallest building.

The national holiday honors people reaching age 2...

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The $2,500 answer to Amazon's Echo could make Japan's sex crisis even worse

Japan has a sex problem. The country's birthrate is shrinking year after year, to the point where deaths are outpacing births.

Simply put, Japan's population is decreasing.

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The rise of romance gaming: is the perfect boyfriend inside your phone?

When Ayumi Saito was 22 she broke up with her boyfriend.

But the Tokyo resident found an easy way to fill the void left by her ex lover's departure.

She downloaded a romance gaming app onto her pho...

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Kotatsu Train: a Must for Travelers!

A special winter train equipped with traditional Japanese "kotatsu" heaters has begun operating in northern Japan, along the Pacific coast.

The first train departed from Sanriku Railway's Kuji Stat...

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