Being An Otaku Has Gotten Easier, Says Shoko Nakagawa

Shoko Nakagawa is a Japanese pop star, actress, illustrator and TV personality. She’s found mainstream success in Japan. She is also a proud otaku.

“I knew I was an otaku from a very early age,” Na...

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The Japanese have improved a perfect design classic: the binder clip

If Plus’s efforts to retool a perfectly fine apparatus seems frivolous, consider its effect on the billions of binder clips used each day. Air Karu’s designers estimate that a worker conserves as m...

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The latest in Japanese drinks innovation is clear

The hottest beer, coffee, and tea products this summer in Japan have one thing in common—they’re colorless.

This week, drinks giant Suntory started selling a non-alcoholic beer called “All-Free All...

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140000 LEDs create 'Milky Way' at Tokyo Tower

The observatory of Tokyo Tower is lit up during the "Milky Way Illumination" event in Tokyo's Minato Ward on June 7, 2018.

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Meet the 50 top-funded startups and tech companies in Japan

Which Japanese startups are making the most impact? One way to judge – although imperfect – would be the amount of money they have raised. Using Tech in Asia’s data, we’ve generated this constantly...

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6 Types of Students Language Teachers Will Meet in Japan

We all know those American high school movie stereotypes: the athletes, the cheerleaders, the nerds, the teacher’s pets. Who can forget the Mean Girls scene where Janice shows Cady the lunch table ...

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Kazuo Kashio, a Founder of Casio Computer, Dies at 89

Kazuo Kashio, a marketing virtuoso whose family company, Casio Computer, popularized the pocket calculator, the shock-resistant wristwatch and the preview screen on digital cameras, died on Monday ...

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Flying Dragon Robot Transforms Itself to Squeeze Through Gaps

At JSK Lab at the University of Tokyo, roboticists have developed a robot called DRAGON, which (obviously) stands for for “Dual-rotor embedded multilink Robot with the Ability of multi-deGree-of-fr...

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Japanese Writing After Murakami

At public readings, either in Japanese or English, the novelist Hideo Furukawa performs like a banshee. He voices his characters’ personae, tenor shifting from stentorian to hushed, growling, trill...

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Japanese Clean-Up Manners Are Spreading To Other Soccer Fans

After yesterday’s Japan vs. Colombia World Cup game, it wasn’t only Japanese soccer fans who were cleaning up after themselves. Colombian fans were, too.

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