Panasonic's self-driving wheelchairs are now trundling around a Tokyo airport

Panasonic wants to have lots of its electric wheelchairs in place at major airports across the country in time for the Olympics, which is coming to Japan in 2020. Trials have just launched at Tokyo...

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Video: AR dating hits Japan

In my opinion this is a sad example of how technology does quite the opposite from improving people's lives. It might be fun to imagine yourself dating a virtual character, but in the long run it i...

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Haruo Nakajima, Man Inside Godzilla Suit, Dies at 88

Haruo Nakajima, who was the man inside the monster suit for every "Godzilla" film from the 1954 original to 1972's "Godzilla vs. Gigan," died Monday (Aug. 7), according to Variety, citing "Godzilla...

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For Anime fans: Grand finale of ‘Little Witch Academia’

Has there been such a pleasurable ending to an anime of late? That’s what I was thinking as I watched the final episode of “Little Witch Academia,” savoring the sense of speed and catharsis.

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Which one of these company names stands out just too much?

Another interesting research from WhatJapanThinks.

1 Doing している株式会社
2 One Night Stand 株式会社ヤリステ
3 Pitching a Bamboo Root Tent もっこり竹の子観光株式会社
4 △□○ (Triangle, square, circle) 株式会社△□○(ミヨマル)
5 Underpant...

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Roland announces Kodo - world’s first electronic taiko drum

Japanese electronic musical instrument manufacturer Roland has teamed up with Kodo, a taiko traditional drumming company, to provide the world’s first electronic Japanese taiko.

Although still in d...

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Now, of all the contests,...

About 100 babies took part in a ritual called "crying sumo contest" on Saturday at a shrine in Japan's ancient capital of Kyoto.

The Kitano Tenmangu shrine began the annual event 2 years ago, prayi...

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New Japan Old Japan / Kendama unites world in birthplace

The city of Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima Prefecture, known as the birthplace of kendama, again hosted the “World Cup” of the beloved cup-and-ball toy this year.

Held on July 22 and 23, this was the fourt...

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Japan’s labor market is tight, and higher wages may be needed to retain workers

Something may be stirring deep within Japan's labor market. The country's aging and shrinking population is traditionally thought of as a deflationary factor, driving down potential growth. Yet aft...

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Savage fire breaks out close to Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo

A fire destroyed several buildings outside Tokyo's famed Tsukiji fish market on Aug. 3, the Tokyo Fire Department said.

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