Fujitsu trials blockchain money transfers with Japan’s three biggest banks

Fujitsu is teaming up with Japan’s three largest banking groups – Mizuho Financial Group, Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, and Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG) – to conduct a joint field trial...

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Traditional rocket festival in Chichibu

People in Chichibu, a city north of Tokyo, launched hand-made rockets on Sunday to express their gratitude for the season's harvest.

The annual festival, held in a mountainous region of the city, d...

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Japan successfully launches Michibiki satellite

Japan's space agency has successfully launched a fourth and last satellite for its own version of a global positioning system.

An H2A rocket carrying Michibiki No. 4 lifted off from the Tanegashima...

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Amazon is opening a Tokyo pop-up bar to promote booze sales

Amazon loves dealing with booze in Japan. In 2016, it launched a free Sommelier service for those who just can't choose which wine to buy. Now, it's opening a pop-up bar in Ginza, Tokyo's high fash...

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Japan’s Tourism ‘Fails’ Make it a Perfect Travel Destination

It’s a mantra repeated by every traveler — no matter the destination: “I want to avoid the touristy spots.”

If that’s the case, then Japan is your dreamland. And yes, even Tokyo has plenty of spot...

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Kazuo Ishiguro's Nobel Prize in Literature

Ishiguro is not a Japanese writer but I wanted to share this news here as he was born in Japan and certainly was influenced by Japanese culture at least through his parents.

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Japanese Vending Machines at Night Juxtaposed with a Wintry Hokkaido Landscape

“In Hokkaido where I live, winters are harsh and snows are deep,” says photographer Eiji Ohashi. “Every day can become rather inconvenient” due to the constant snowfall. But heavy snows also bring ...

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City hands manhole covers to lottery-picked buyers

The sale of old manhole covers by a city north of Tokyo has attracted many buyers amid the growing popularity in the metal lids featuring designs inspired by local landmarks and specialties.


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Man arrested for driving into scramble crossing

Tokyo police have arrested a 52-year-old company employee for driving through a busy pedestrian crossing near Shibuya Station last week.

No one was injured in the incident, but the famed Tokyo scra...

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Foreign visitor spending in Tokyo down 13%

A survey shows during the fiscal year that ended in March foreign visitors spent about 13 percent less money in Tokyo than the previous year.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government conducted the survey ...

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