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Been in Japan for a long time, visiting Akihabara often.

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Online banking thefts hit Japan firms prompting compensation rethink www.reuters.com

Hackers stole nearly $2 million from the online bank accounts of Japanese businesses in April, a surge in theft that has prompted some banks to curtail online services and rethink compensation poli...

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Self-Driving Cars: Japan Wants To Establish Global Standard For Autonomous Vehicle Technology, Safety, Infrastructure www.ibtimes.com

Japanese automakers are teaming up to develop parts, technologies and an infrastructure strategy for self-driving cars out of fear that U.S. and European carmakers are taking the lead in establishi...

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10 of the best otaku shops in Tokyo www.theguardian.com

Before digital animation took over, Japanese anime was made the old-fashioned way using paint on sheets of celluloid to create "cels". Over the years, countless cels leaked out of the ani...

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