2017 Japan Prize awarded for CRISPR Contribution www.genengnews.com

posted by  banzaitokyo | 2 years, 2 months ago in Science & Technology

The impact that the genome-editing tool CRISPR/Cas9 has had on life science research is almost immeasurable, as the number of research projects utilizing the cutting-edge molecular technique has exploded since its initial description as a molecular method in a Science paper in 2012. While the fate of patent rights for CRISPR/Cas9 are currently in the hands of the federal courts, there is no question of the contribution that Emmanuelle Charpentier, Ph.D., director at the Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology in Berlin, and Jennifer Doudna, Ph.D., professor of chemistry and of molecular and cell biology at the University of California, Berkeley, have made to the development of the revolutionary DNA-editing tool.

0 | #12709 by  RamenRyan | 2 years, 2 months ago
There have been so many advances done in the last 2 years alone. I am glad that these men and women who put so much time and effort in to discovering new things for us are getting rewarded for it.

0 | #12739 by  BarbaraEbara | 2 years, 2 months ago
Exactly! I think that more people need to be praised for their work. I know it takes more than a few heads to work a whole production.