Docomo designed flying spherical displays www.nttdocomo.co.jp

posted by  banzaitokyo | 12¬†months ago in Gadgets

The device comprises a spherical external frame, an internal LED frame consisting of a series of eight curved LED strips that extend from top to bottom, a drone fitted inside the sphere and legs protruding underneath. During flight, the LED frame spins on its axis in a rapid horizontal motion, forming an afterimage effect to create the illusion of a solid sphere of motionless LEDs. The highly maneuverable drone can be operated virtually anywhere, including venues such as concert halls or arenas where it can fly around as part of a performance or deliver advertising messages, event information, etc.

0 | #12991 by  Tanuki | 12¬†months ago
Looks cool for demos and events, but I am not sure if they are actually useful or helpful. Not exactly the thing to be paid for from our mobile phone bills.