Learn Japanese Culture to Progress in Japanese Language

posted by  banzaitokyo | 1 year ago

Learning a foreign language is a complex endeavour. It is more than just learning the grammar and vocabulary. The cultural aspect of the language is important as well.

If you want to master a language it will be impossible to reach a decent level without learning about the culture and traditions of the country. Japanese language is no exception.

I studied English and French as foreign languages, and I have seen other people learn these and other languages. I am convinced that it helps to progress faster if you take interest in the traditions of the country.

Traditions are not only ways of the past, but also things that form the culture of the country today. They may be rooted in the past, or brought to life by recent TV shows or Internet memes. What is important is to note that cultural differences - that form cultural context - influence the language.

While the best way to familiarize with a country's culture is to actually live there, it is not a viable option for everyone. As an easy way to keep yourself in touch with the Japanese culture, we propose you our website, Akihabara.Tokyo. This is a place where you can exchange news and links to interesting articles about Japan. We believe that keeping in touch with the Japanese current events can help you learn the language.

0 | #13059 by  Yubi | 1 year ago
As somebody who moved to Japan without learning a single word of Japanese, I agree 100% with this. Exposure to Japanese culture helped me to learn the language much faster. I am happy to help by posting information, comments, and also answers to questions about Japan and the language, to help who are learning Japanese. Feel free to drop in your questions and discussion topics here!

0 | #13075 by  RamenRyan | 1 year ago
I have a question. Seeing as I am not fluent myself, I would love to know how long it takes to become fluent. I have been to Japan several times but I had never stayed for a long period of time so I think that is why I have not picked up on it as quickly.

0 | #13093 by  banzaitokyo | 12 months ago
It depends on so many things so it is probably impossible to give a definitive answer. From my experience I would say that if you work hard, in a year you should be able to speak at a basic level. To become fluent it would take two years or more depending on how you study (a good teacher and good discipline will certainly accelerate the process) and whether you live in Japan or not.