This designer Japanese cat condo costs almost the annual rent of a condo for humans in Tokyo quartzy.qz.com

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Prices for cat condos are on the rise in Japan. A artisan-crafted feline perch called Modern Cat Tree NEKO retails for ¥1,080,000 (approximately $9,570) including tax.

The Japanese are known to spare no expense when it comes to their beloved pets, but a million yen sets a new bar for high-living tabbies. Humans living in Tokyo can find housing for less. Based on 2017 prices published by the property resource Real Estate Japan, the average annual rental for a modest, single-person studio in a Tokyo suburb is ¥690,000 a year. A one-bedroom condo in central Tokyo starts at ¥1,068,000 a year, according to Numbeo’s Dec. 2017 figures.