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I love Japan and I visited it many times. I dream of going back there every single day.

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This Is An Excellent Gaming...Bed

Gaming chairs? Been there, done that. I’ve seen the future, and it’s gaming beds.

Japan’s Bauhutte specializes in gaming-centric furniture. If you coordinate correctly, I guess you too can have a bed…

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This Japanese gamer bed is gaming's final form

No need to continue the discussion over which is better, a sitting desk or a standing desk. Desks are cancelled. Gaming from a couch? That's dead, too. All lesser modes of gaming are obsolete now tha…

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Bauhutte Gaming Bed

Japanese retailer Bauhutte sells a great deal of furniture aimed at “gamers,” but few can top its one-stop shop for sleep and gaming. Like Voltron, but made for people who refuse to use major muscle …

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