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I love Japan and I visited it many times. I dream of going back there every single day.

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Japan's Giant Gundam Robot Is Nearly Complete

It’s coming together—literally! Japan’s giant Gundam appears nearly finished and ready for its first steps. In a recent video, Gundam Factory Yokohama, which is constructing the 18-meter-tall, 25-ton…

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PS4 Games Set in Japan

Without Japan’s contributions, we would not have the video game industry we have today. And while we all know that there are a multitude of excellent Japanese games available for PS4, you may be unaw…

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Monstrarium Game for iPhone

The Goal

Survive. Survive as long as possible and eat other monsters in the process.

The Mechanics

All monsters switch from nice to evil. If two monsters meet and one of them is evil and the other is…

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