Japan's Giant Gundam Robot Is Nearly Complete spectrum.ieee.org

It’s coming together—literally! Japan’s giant Gundam appears nearly finished and ready for its first steps. In a recent video, Gundam Factory Yokohama, which is constructing the 18-meter-tall, 25-ton…

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PS4 Games Set in Japan www.psu.com

Without Japan’s contributions, we would not have the video game industry we have today. And while we all know that there are a multitude of excellent Japanese games available for PS4, you may be unaw…

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Imperial Palace reopens to public after 2-month closure english.kyodonews.net

KYODO NEWS - 3 hours ago - 10:45 | All, Japan, CoronavirusThe East Gardens of the Imperial Palace grounds reopened Tuesday to the public after a closure of about two months due to the novel coronavir…

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Manga artist raises question online about false perspective in Ghibli film My Neighbor Totoro soranews24.com

In a one-point perspective drawing, imaginary vanishing lines along an object recede to one vanishing point on an imaginary horizon line (in this case, think “eye-level line”) in the distance.

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National museums in Japan reopen after 3-month closure over virus english.kyodonews.net

KYODO NEWS - 33 minutes ago - 13:27 | Arts, Coronavirus, Japan, AllNational museums in Tokyo and three other areas in Japan reopened Tuesday after three months of closure due to the novel coronavirus…

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Japanese 26-year old single mother arrested for inviting underage high school boy home soranews24.com

On 24 December, a 26-year old woman was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping a 16-year old high school boy in Hyogo Prefecture, but has claimed that she merely invited him to her apartment.
But things…

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Japan to forgo shift to Sept. start of school year from 2021 english.kyodonews.net

The premier made the remarks after receiving a proposal in opposition to the shift from Noritoshi Ishida, policy chief of the Komeito party, the coalition partner of Abe's ruling Liberal Democratic P…

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23-year-old Tokyo policewoman falls in movie-style love with yakuza member, real life ensues soranews24.com

He wasn’t arrested for theft, but he stole her heart, and she gave him even more in return.
In November of last year, officers from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s Shinjuku Precinct arrested a man in…

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Coronavirus: Updates on major shops, facilities as economy reopens in Japan english.kyodonews.net

Daimaru, Matsuzakaya - Daimaru and Matsuzakaya department stores nationwide have reopened with shortened hours.
Seibu, Sogo - All Seibu and Sogo department s…

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Giant Patlabor robot stands tall in Tokyo even as film’s director calls it “useless” 【Photos】 soranews24.com

Patlabor began way back in 1988 as a comic set in the near-future where the police battle crime using giant robots.
Like their animated predecessors, the protagonists of the live-action Patlabor pilo…

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