Studio Ghibli releases new set of free wallpapers to download and use as backgrounds for video calls

Now you can spirit yourself away to the world of Kiki’s Delivery Service and My Neighbour Totoro.
Thankfully, more and more wallpapers are being made available every day, giving people a wider range …

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Japan more likely to completely end virus emergency Monday

The Tokyo metropolitan government reported three new cases in the capital on Friday, the lowest since Abe first declared a monthlong state of emergency for urban areas on April 7.
But amid a downtren…

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Novelist Haruki Murakami cheers up people in "stay home" radio amid virus

"I would like to help a little to blow away some coronavirus-related blues by using the power of music," Murakami said at the start of the program.
Murakami serves as a disc jockey on his radio show …

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How to Apply for Self-Employed/Freelancer Subsidies in Japan

You can read our article on how to receive your 100,000 yen check available to every resident in Japan; however, this article explains how to receive up to 1 million yen for those who are self-employ…

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FOCUS: Sumo world floored by axed feature, wrestler's death

Around a week before his death, the Japan Sumo Association announced the cancellation of the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament following the government's extension of its nationwide state of emergency in …

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8 Great Anime Series For People Who Don’t Like Anime

Screenshot : Madhouse ( Kotaku )A lot of people love anime... this article isn’t for them.
So while we are all stuck inside, here are some anime series that you can (maybe, hopefully) binge-watch wit…

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Japanese violinist covers Super NES soundtracks AND sound effects in amazing videos【Videos】

Beautiful selections from Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda, and more stir the heart and the nostalgia too.
In particular, there’s a distinct quality to how the system’s sound chip could replica…

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Japan likely to completely lift coronavirus state of emergency on Monday

The likelihood of the Japanese government lifting a state of emergency in Tokyo and nearby prefectures, as well as Hokkaido, altogether next Monday is growing, as the number of new coronavirus cases …

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Japan was feared to be the next US or Italy. Instead their coronavirus success is a puzzling 'mystery'

The World Health Organization (WHO) sees Japan as a "success story" according to WHO senior adviser Nikki Shindo.
Kazuho Taguchi from Japan's Health Ministry said he couldn't "conclusively pinpoint" …

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Ghibli Museum video takes us into the steam punk elevator and up the spiral staircase【Video】

Since February, the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo’s Mitaka has been closed as part of the city’s efforts to help curb the spread of coronavirus.
Given that the Ghibli Museum bans visitors from taking photos…

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