Rick and Morty star in epic Samurai & Shogun short for Adult Swim【Video】 soranews24.com

Sword fight between Samurai Rick and Ninja Rick results in one of them losing a head.
Now, the creative team behind animated science fiction sitcom Rick and Morty have released their own short inspir…

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Persona 5 Royal is the definitive version of an already brilliant RPG www.theverge.com

Atlus released Persona 5 — a JRPG about teenage vigilantes with supernatural powers living in Japan — in 2017.
Now, it’s created an enhanced version: Persona 5 Royal, a version that addresses the ori…

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The io9 Guide To Gundam io9.gizmodo.com

AdvertisementWhen Mobile Suit Gundam first aired in Japan, the only toys available featuring the robots from the show were “Chokogin” die-cast models made by Clover.
Chokogin were extremely popular i…

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To –san or not to –san? Should you use the Japanese honorific suffix when speaking English? soranews24.com

And yet, often when I hear someone use the Japanese honorific “-san” when speaking English, it feels awkward and superfluous to me.
Okay, so we’ve seen there are a couple of legitimate arguments to b…

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“Papakatsu”: More and more girls in Japan are turning to sugar daddies to wine and dine them soranews24.com

These girls claim having a middle-aged man pay for their lifestyle is different from compensated dating, but is it really?
But those who currently have a sugar daddy say the concept is completely sep…

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Your cat or dog can be King of the Pirates with One Piece anime cosplay outfits for pets【Photos】 soranews24.com

Doesn’t matter how bad things get, Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates are always there for one another.
Both use your pet’s front legs as the character’s legs, so it’ll look like the anime p…

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Yuri Suzuki's Easy Record Maker lets you engrave your own records www.dezeen.com

Created with Japanese publishing and toy company Gakken, the Easy Record Maker has a recording stylus that engraves sounds onto five-inch plastic disks.
"You simply plug in your iPhone, computer, aud…

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Top 5 Post Apocalyptic Anime to Watch While Social Distancing blog.gaijinpot.com

Post-apocalyptic anime, in particular, mirror the times we’re living in with themes centered around the nature of humanity and fragility of human society.
Go ahead and lose yourself in one of these p…

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Overshadowed by pandemic, Japan's ban on indoor smoking goes into effect www.japantimes.co.jp

A law banning indoor smoking in principle took full effect across the nation on Wednesday as part of an effort to protect people from passive smoking going into the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games…

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BBC Studios’ Jodie Comer Drama ‘Thirteen’ Is Being Remade By Japan’s Tokai TV deadline.com

Killing Eve star Jodie Comer’s breakthrough drama Thirteen is being adapted in Japan by Tokai Television Broadcasting, which is also known as Tokai TV.
The format deal represents the first direct agr…

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