Tokyo SkyTree Live Webcam

With our friends at Juyoh Hotel we have installed this webcam so you could see the live stream of the beautiful Tokyo SkyTree.

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Aomori Art and Archeology

Aomori’s artistry thrived all the way back in the Jomon period (13,000–300 BC). This era was named for the cord markings on its pottery, a decorative practice that would develop into intricate variat…

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Design Art Tokyo kicks off this week, transforming the city into an open air museum

Beginning this Friday, October 23, 2020, the annual Design Art Tokyo descends upon the city, transforming retailers and cafes and all sorts of venues into galleries. For 12 days, Tokyo becomes an ope…

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Seasonal Winds of Change Blow Through the Colorful Paintings of Ayune Shojima

Japanese painter Ayune Shojima creates colorful oil paintings filled with flora and fauna that seemingly overflow from the canvas. In her new series titled “Circle of Wind,” Shojima illustrates the s…

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Kenzo Takada remembered for style that meant 'freedom for the woman’s body'

The fashion world has paid tribute to the Japanese designer Kenzo Takada, who has died aged 81 after contracting Covid-19 in France, describing him as a man of “energy, kindness and talent” whose int…

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Japan scraps overly competitive mascot contest

Yuru-kyara competition ‘lost original purpose’ after aggressive campaigning by prefectures

A cuddly fairy on a mission to “deliver happiness” to her disaster-hit hometown has been crowned Japan’s mos…

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Canon Crafts Kiriko Glasses Inspired by the Camera Lens

Camera aficionados take note: Canon has teamed up with a craftswoman to create drinking glasses inspired by the camera lens and made from the traditional Edo Kiriko craft of cut glass. Two varieties …

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Under the well of the Great Wave off Kanagawa By Hokusai was sold for $1.1m

Kanagawa oki nami ura (Under the well of the Great Wave off Kanagawa)
Woodblock print, from the series Fugaku sanjurokkei (Thirty-six views of Mount Fuji), signed Hokus…

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The 2021 Japan Packaging Design Awards

Every two years the JPDA (Japan Packaging Design Association) celebrates excellence in packaging design by hosting the Japan Packaging Design Awards. The winners of the 2021 Awards were just announce…

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New Large Scale Structure Planned For Jingumae Crossing in Harajuku

The face of one of Tokyo’s most famous crossings continues to change. The West corner of Jingumae Crossing has largely remained unchanged for the past 50 years. But when the iconic Condomania relocat…

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Bakers, Knitters and Illustrators are Remixing the 2025 Osaka Expo Logo

Earlier this week Osaka announced that they had chosen a bizarre, googly-eyed character as their logo for the upcoming 2025 Osaka Expo. And over the next 24 hours the Japanese public reception appear…

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