Farming on the Moon

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) is set to link up with several public and private sector organizations to launch research and on creating sustainable food sources on the Moon.

Space Foodsph…

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Japan Post Deliveries from the Sky

Japan Post is joining forces with Autonomous Control Systems Laboratory (ACSL), a domestic drone manufacturer, to start delivering mail by air.

Japan Post Group announced its plans to collaborate wit…

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How a Japanese Company Cut 80% of the Time Needed to Manually Count Pearls

Since Eiko Pearl was established in 1963 in Mie, they have been operating as a specialized pearl trading company. They have managed to adapt to changing times and have delivered pearls all over the w…

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'World's highest-capacity' solid-state battery developed in Japan

Hitachi Zosen has developed a solid-state battery boasting one of the industry's highest capacities and tolerance for a wide range of temperatures, making it a candidate for use in satellites and ind…

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A Drone for Tight Spaces

Sensyn Robotics has unveiled its “Sensyn Explorer,” a small drone about the size of the palm of one’s hand, which is designed to operate within tight indoor spaces.

The Shibuya-based firm aims to bec…

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Japanese companies fight for share of EUV chip technology sector

A next-generation semiconductor technology known as extreme ultraviolet lithography, or EUV, is the focus of intensifying competition among Japanese chipmaking equipment manufacturers including Tokyo…

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First-ever atomic resolution video of salt crystals forming in real time

Scientists at the University of Tokyo in Japan have observed the growth of crystals at the atomic level.

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Osaka Reaches for the Skies

Osaka Prefecture has launched a new organization with the objective of establishing commercial flying car services by 2023.

Launched in an event held on the 17th, the new group goes by an unwieldy na…

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Ambitious but controversial: Japan's new hydrogen project

The Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain is an experiment to see whether Japan can establish a durable supply of liquid hydrogen from Australia, to be burned to generate electricity.

The hydrogen will be pro…

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PlayStation Creator Is Now Designing COVID-19 Robots for No Profit at All

You may not have heard of Ken Kutaragi but you most certainly have heard of his invention: the PlayStation. The former chairperson and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment has now taken on a new role a…

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