Japan's first passenger jet delayed by another 2 years money.cnn.com

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corp. said Monday that it now doesn't expect to deliver the first plane until mid-2020. That's two years later than the previous schedule and the fifth time in less than eight yea…

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Panasonic tests autonomous delivery robot HOSPI(R) at Narita Airport, hotel www.japantrends.com

Based on preprogrammed map information and using high performance sensors and advanced collision-avoidance algorithm, the robot can move about while staying aware of its surroundings, enabling it to …

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Japan Display battles Samsung's OLED with curved LCD screens www.engadget.com

One of Apple's main screen suppliers, Japan Display Inc. (JDI), has revealed a 5.5-inch LCD smartphone screen that can be bent like OLED displays from Samsung and LG. While not quite as flexible and …

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Fukushima residents exposed to far less radiation than thought www.sciencemag.org

Citizen science usually isn’t this personal. In 2011, roughly 65,000 Japanese citizens living near the crippled Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant started measuring their own radiation exposure in…

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Japanese military entices academics to break taboo www.sciencemag.org

In 1950, Japan’s scientific community, chastened by the complicity of researchers in their nation’s disastrous military adventurism, took an extraordinary vow. “To preserve our integrity as scientist…

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Japan launches first military communications satellite www.reuters.com

Japan on Tuesday launched its first military communications satellite to boost the broadband capacity of its Self Defence Forces as they reinforce an island chain stretching along the southern edge o…

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Japan's Solar Boom Is Accelerating www.forbes.com

The solar power boom in Japan accelerated dramatically last year, according to new data published last week by Japan’s Renewable Energy Institute.

Solar photovoltaics (PV) share of electricity produ…

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Porn Company Opens VR Rooms In Tokyo kotaku.com

Japan's most unfortunately named porn company Soft On Demand is offering virtual sexy time at its newly opened location in Tokyo's Akihabara.

The establishment's billboard states that Soft On Demand…

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Japanese white-collar workers are already being replaced by artificial intelligence qz.com

Most of the attention around
automation focuses on how factory
robots and self-driving cars may
fundamentally change our workforce,
potentially eliminating millions of
jobs. But AI that can…

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Saya the CGI girl thenextweb.com

This is very impressive where computer graphics is now. The CGI people can be truly human now or at least not creepy :)

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