Tokyo is Transformed into a Museum for Designart 2019 www.spoon-tamago.com

DesignArt Tokyo is in full swing this week.
The annual celebration, now in it’s 3rd iteration, converts Tokyo into a massive museum with galleries, retail stores and event venues all joining in.
And …

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Tokyo transport map in real time nagix.github.io

This is a cute visualisation of tokyo transport (is it only JR?) in real time

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Why have hyper-casual games replaced gacha in Japan? venturebeat.com

classic in-app purchases (IAPs) — quickly made its way into pretty much all mobile games in Japan.
Growing stagnation in the performance of gacha games is indicative of Japanese gamers losing interes…

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One Day in Tokyo: Secret Food Tour www.tofugu.com

If I only had one day in Tokyo, I would eat delicious food the entire time.
This is my ideal, one day Tokyo itinerary.
So my next stop is to Yanaka Ginza, a small shoutengai 商店街 ( しょうてんがい ) , or shop…

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Artificial Intelligence’s broken promise and its secret truth www.disruptingjapan.com

Tatsuo: Yes, yes, yes, Todai and Waseda.
Tatsuo: Yes, yes, and now, we’re working with Waseda University.
Tatsuo: Yeah, yeah.
Tatsuo: Yeah, yes.
Also, Tatsuo gave some really interesting advice about…

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dot Tokyo domains

Akihabara.Tokyo is a dot Tokyo domain and we are not afraid of competition, on the contrary, more in quality and quantity dot Tokyo domains could improve recognition of our URL. Even now, years after…

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Rugby World Cup Matches on Saturday are Cancelled www.rugbyworldcup.com

Based on the latest detailed information from the tournament’s independent weather experts, Hagibis is predicted to be the biggest typhoon of the 2019 season and is highly likely to cause considerabl…

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'Flying motorbike' to debut at Tokyo Motor Show japantoday.com

A.L.I. Technologies Inc has developed a motorbike-like floating vehicle. The company plans to exhibit a prototype of the vehicle, "Speeder," in its booth at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019, which will…

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"I don't know the 70s" Art Exhibition, 3rd Oct–9th Oct, 2019 tokyocheapo.com

The 70s was a time of transition: Japan enjoyed a prosperous economy but the people gradually became more aware of their inner self.
– “Our Giants is immortal forever”, Mr. Giants or Shigeo Nagashima…

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What Japan can teach us about cleanliness www.bbc.com

So they’re left with the question: how does Japan stay so clean?
Some examples of extreme Japanese cleanliness have gone viral, like the seven-minute Shinkansen train-cleaning ritual that has become …

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