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We have been working hard on Akihabara.Tokyo and we’ve accomplished a lot. Our machine learning algorithm knows how to find news about Japan all over the web and post it here. But our goal is not jus…

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How Machine Learning Can Help Unlock the World of Ancient Japan thegradient.pub

However, these models were unable to achieve strong performance on Kuzushiji recognition.
This was due to inadequate understanding of Japanese historical literature in the optical character recogniti…

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Nokia's Test of Wireless Connected Drones for Tsunami Evacuation Alerts Is a World's First interestingengineering.com

Drones for disaster responseDrones, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), can quickly and safely be deployed over disaster areas.
The test flight demonstrated a Nokia drone which used a private LTE netw…

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Japan's Asteroid Probe Is Finally Returning to Earth With Its Precious Cargo gizmodo.com

Beginning tomorrow, the overachieving spacecraft will leave Ryugu and head back to Earth, bringing—hopefully—its asteroid samples along with it.
After a year and a half of exploratory work around the…

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How The Japanese Government Might Kill Arcades kotaku.com

For decades, arcades have been built around a single coin experience, either the 50 yen ($.44) coin or the 100 yen ($.88) one.
AdvertisementBecause the one-coin experience is so entrenched into Japan…

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Amazon Japan's manga-centric Kindle is all about storage www.engadget.com

Japanese comics, called manga, are hugely popular. Although you probably knew that, you probably don't know the extent of it. In 2015, Japan's bestselling manga series, One Piece, sold more than 14 m…

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Japanese Scientist Insists His Robot Twin Is Not Creepy medium.com

That’s the aim of Ishiguro’s companion robot “Telenoid,” which ranked #1 on the creepy list.
Obviously the persons who gave my Telenoid robot that ranking just evaluated it on appearance rather than …

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Historical Computers in Japan-Computer Museum museum.ipsj.or.jp

Historical Computers in JapanHere is exhibited the development history of computers in Japan over 40 some years since the dawn of the country's computer age in the 1950s.
And, the history is displaye…

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"I choose you...!" Survey reveals most popular starter Pokémon among Japanese college students soranews24.com

So with starter Pokémon being such a big decision, which one of the original three was the most popular?
To find out the answer, Japan’s MyNavi recently conducted a survey of 400 college students, as…

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Japan's new working visa sees only 219 holders in first 6 months english.kyodonews.net

While the numbers represent a more than 10-fold increase from the 20 visa holders recorded by June, they fall short of the maximum 47,550 foreigners expected to acquire the visa by March 2020.
In ord…

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Fukushima reinvents itself with a $2.7 billion bet on renewables www.theverge.com

Fukushima’s transition from nuclear energy to solar and wind comes as policymakers and scientists around the world debate the role of nuclear energy in efforts to stop the climate crisis.
Yet, despit…

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