Tokyo Shibuya Crossing Live Webcam

Tokyo Shibuya Crossing camera is placed over the main crossing area looking downward. You are able to see the main shopping areas and the famous Shibuya Station, the busiest rail in Japan. See the cu…

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Pour one out for the iconic Sega building in Akihabara www.theverge.com

Sega Akihabara 2nd, the multifloor haven filled with arcade cabinets and gacha games, closed in late August after being open for 17 years. The building served as perhaps the most recognizable landmar…

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Big in Japan: giant Gundam robot makes its first moves in Yokohama www.theguardian.com

It stands just over 18 metres tall and weighs 25 tonnes. And, after years of painstaking work, a life-size Japanese Gundam robot has just proved to its legions of fans that it really can move.


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A Look at Tokyo Torch akihabaranews.com

Mitsubishi Estate has provided concept images of its Tokyo Torch development, planned to open near Tokyo Station before the end of the March 2028. It’s most prominent feature, the 63-story Torch Towe…

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The iconic Labi store in Shinjuku is closing in October www.timeout.com

In the past couple of months, Tokyo has seen a slew of new openings and major renovations as well as closures. One of Tokyo’s oldest amusement parks, Toshimaen recently closed to make way for a new H…

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The 2021 Japan Packaging Design Awards www.spoon-tamago.com

Every two years the JPDA (Japan Packaging Design Association) celebrates excellence in packaging design by hosting the Japan Packaging Design Awards. The winners of the 2021 Awards were just announce…

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Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

During a surprise announcement today, Nintendo revealed the latest Mario Kart — and it’s an unexpected one. Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is a racing game, but one where players use their Switch to d…

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New Large Scale Structure Planned For Jingumae Crossing in Harajuku www.spoon-tamago.com

The face of one of Tokyo’s most famous crossings continues to change. The West corner of Jingumae Crossing has largely remained unchanged for the past 50 years. But when the iconic Condomania relocat…

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Making a slow getaway: Japan's anti-yakuza laws result in cohort of ageing gangsters www.theguardian.com

More than half of yakuza are now over 50 - and 10% are over 70 - as a result of an ageing population and police crackdowns

Adouble-whammy of skewed demographics and legal crackdowns has forced Japan’…

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Japan's PM Abe to step down after record-long tenure english.kyodonews.net

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Friday he will step down as Japan's leader as he needs to be treated for a flare-up of the intestinal disease that led to his first resignation as premier in 2007.

Abe …

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