Tokyo SkyTree Live Webcam

With our friends at Juyoh Hotel we have installed this webcam so you could see the live stream of the beautiful Tokyo SkyTree.

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Tokyo Shibuya Crossing Live Webcam

Tokyo Shibuya Crossing camera is placed over the main crossing area looking downward. You are able to see the main shopping areas and the famous Shibuya Station, the busiest rail in Japan. See the cu…

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Hayao Miyazaki Prepares to Cast One Last Spell archive.md

“I believe that the tool of an animator is the pencil,” he tells me. (We speak through an interpreter, Yuriko Banno.) Japanese pencils are particularly good, he notes: The graphite is delicate and re…

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Kirby’s Adventure – 1993 Developer Interview shmuplations.com

—How did you come up with the idea for the adorable character of Kirby?
Sakurai: Just after I joined Nintendo, they were accepting game design plans for “a game that anyone could enjoy.” That got me …

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My recap of the 2016 3D printing exhibition in Tokyo - Aniwaa www.aniwaa.com

This article is written by Pierre-Antoine, co-founder of Aniwaa and post-doctorate researcher at Tokyo Institute of Technology ( ) on the topic of 3D printed interfaces for virtual reality applicatio…

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From Japan, With Changes: The Endless Debate Over Video Game 'Censorship' kotaku.com

One of Nintendo's biggest releases in 2015 is the sprawling 100-hour adventure Xenoblade Chronicles X, released earlier this year in Japan. It's great-looking and fun. That's not in dispute. The most…

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Akihabara Shops 15

Its that time of the month again where we take a lookie around the holy land - Akihabara - the one stop for all your electronic and anime/manga needs. Today's post includes photos taken at Super Pota…

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Tokyo home by Fujiilab comprises cluster of protruding white boxes www.dezeen.com

The staggered stack of boxes that form this family home in central Tokyo contain a set of spiralling, interconnected rooms.

The house was designed for Daisuke Ibano, a member of the team at local arc…

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Takayama: A Weekend Getaway with Old Towns and Morning Markets tokyocheapo.com

Takayama is a castle town high up in the mountains of Gifu prefecture (4-5 hours from Tokyo), overflowing with traditional charm and busy streets waiting to be explored. Renowned for morning markets,…

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More Tax Concessions for Tourists www3.nhk.or.jp

The Japanese government is looking for ways to get foreign tourists to spend more money while visiting the country. Tourists are not spending as much as they used to.

Government sources say officials…

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