Japan's Giant Gundam Robot Is Nearly Complete spectrum.ieee.org

It’s coming together—literally! Japan’s giant Gundam appears nearly finished and ready for its first steps. In a recent video, Gundam Factory Yokohama, which is constructing the 18-meter-tall, 25-ton…

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Hana Kimura: Netflix star and Japanese wrestler dies at 22 www.bbc.com

Shortly before she died, she issued a series of troubling social media posts implying she had been cyber-bullied.
Skip Twitter post by @we_are_stardom Stardom fans,We are very sorry to report that ou…

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Kyoto’s Newly Renovated Kyocera Museum of Art www.spoon-tamago.com

the facade of the new museum, which re-opened on May 26, 2020Opened in 1933, the Kyoto Enthronement Memorial Museum of Art would go on to survive a world war and multiple natural disasters to become …

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The first Lego Super Mario sets launch on August 1st www.engadget.com

The Lego Group did reveal, though, that there will be a special Lego Super Mario app that keeps track of your scores, offers digital instruction manuals, a forum for sharing ideas, and suggestions fo…

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A state of emergency was declared In Tokyo | Akihabara and Tokyo Business district 4K

The Japanese government declared a state of emergency on April 7th. However that doesn't mean tokyo and other cities goes into lockdown.
Of course, I thought the office district was less crowded than…

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For Over 30 Years Itsuo Kobayashi Has Been Keeping an Illustrated Food Diary www.spoon-tamago.com

All images © Kushino TerraceYears before the era of Instagram and food bloggers, the self-taught artist Itsuo Kobayashi was memorializing every meal he ate.
Using a combination of illustration, colla…

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In what must be the oddest Japanese corporate announcement ever, comedian Egashira 2:50 reveals that kotaku.com

Screenshot : SegaIn what must be the oddest Japanese corporate announcement ever, comedian Egashira 2:50 reveals that Sega Games and Sega Interactive are merging to become...Sega.
Egashira 2 :50 says…

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Japanese Geek Culture In The Age Of Covid-19 kotaku.com

Kotaku East East is your slice of Asian internet culture, bringing you the latest talking points from Japan, Korea, China and beyond.
Due to covid-19, this year’s biggest conventions, whether that’s …

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Line’s Digital Currency to Launch in Japan akihabaranews.com

Line (Tokyo) — LVC Corporation, a subsidiary of Line Corporation and operator of Line’s cryptocurrency and blockchain-related businesses, announces plans to begin trading its digital currency in Japa…

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Sailor Moon’s first three seasons are coming to YouTube for free www.theverge.com

The first three seasons of Sailor Moon, the landmark anime series which originally aired between 1992 and 1995, are releasing for free on the franchise’s official YouTube channel, CrunchyRoll reports…

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