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Imperial Palace reopens to public after 2-month closure english.kyodonews.net

KYODO NEWS - 3 hours ago - 10:45 | All, Japan, CoronavirusThe East Gardens of the Imperial Palace grounds reopened Tuesday to the public after a closure of about two months due to the novel coronavir…

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Manga artist raises question online about false perspective in Ghibli film My Neighbor Totoro soranews24.com

In a one-point perspective drawing, imaginary vanishing lines along an object recede to one vanishing point on an imaginary horizon line (in this case, think “eye-level line”) in the distance.

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National museums in Japan reopen after 3-month closure over virus english.kyodonews.net

KYODO NEWS - 33 minutes ago - 13:27 | Arts, Coronavirus, Japan, AllNational museums in Tokyo and three other areas in Japan reopened Tuesday after three months of closure due to the novel coronavirus…

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