Short term SIM card for Japan

This September I will be travelling to Japan for the Rugby World Cup and I am planning to spend almost a month there. I’ve heard that free WiFi is not that widely spread in Tokyo let alone smaller to…

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Newbie Gaijin Appears To Be Having Way More Fun

A foreigner recently arriving in Tokyo seems to be getting way more enjoyment out of very ordinary things, according to several long-term foreigners.

A simple street sign is reportedly more than enou…

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Japan To Ban The Gaijin Smash Ahead Of Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Japan will ban the gaijin smash in preparation for an influx of foreigners coming to Tokyo for the 2020 Olympic Games.

Authorities have predicted traffic chaos in the nation’s capital with recent con…

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Japan for Digital Nomads

Japan is usually thought of as a major travel destination: it's the place you go to marvel at centuries-old temples and traditional towns, not necessarily to get some work done. But it turns out it c…

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2019 Top English Soeaking Jobs in Japan Week 19

If you’re looking to work in Japan, check back here each week as we look through our database of top jobs in Japan posted to GaijinPot and pick some of the ones we think are most interesting.

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Govt. to crack down on illegal private lodgings

Japanese authorities are planning to intensify a crackdown on illegal private-lodging businesses.

The move comes at a time when a new law will be put into force that will allow anyone in principle to…

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Tokyo Weekend Plans

A rare chance to see horseback archery, a traditional Oiran Dochu procession, an everything-doggo festival and more.

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Cheap Travel To Narita Airport

For newcomers to Tokyo, it can come as quite a surprise that Tokyo’s main international gateway—Narita Airport—is not really very close to Tokyo at all. In fact, it’s so rural and remote that the vie…

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Number of foreign residents in Japan hits new high: again!

The number of foreign residents is Japan has hit a new record high, but there are also more cases of people overstaying their visas.

The Justice Ministry's Immigration Bureau says about 2.56 million …

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New sightseeing train debuts in Kyoto

Railway fans have flocked to Kyoto for a debut of new train cars that will take tourists to the ancient Enryaku-ji Temple in Mount Hiei.

After a commemorative ceremony, the first train departed Demac…

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