Desperate, Thirsty White Human Turns Up In Japan, Thousands Of Miles From Home

A desperate, thirsty white human has strayed thousands of miles from its natural habitat and wondered, exhausted and jet lagged into the major Japanese nightlife city of Roppongi in central Tokyo.

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J-Girlfriend Gives Gaijin New Name With Syllable From Real Name And “Chan”

A foreigner has been anointed with a Japanese name by his new J-girlfriend.
It’s the sixth Japanese nickname Chris Jenkins has received since arriving in Japan in January.
“You will henceforth be cal…

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Gaijin Finds Self-Confidence Because Everyone Else So Reserved

A foreigner living in Yokohoma City has grown in confidence since arriving in Japan this year because everyone else is so damn timid and respectful.
The man has really come out of his shell even spea…

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Tokyo Bon 東京盆踊り2020 (MakuDonarudo)

New Music: Namewee ft.DJ KOO @TRF【Boy Meets Girl 2020 Remix】八零後哈日電音神曲改編

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American in gay marriage to sue for residence status in Japan

An American in a same-sex marriage recognized in the United States plans to file a lawsuit to obtain a residence status that will allow him to continue living in Japan with his Japanese partner.

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Gaijindamari: Mysterious Mass Gathering Of Gaijin At HUB

On most nights in Japan there is a mass migration of thousands of gaijin travelling to the chain pub known as the HUB.
This strange spectacle is known in Japanese as “gaijindamari”, which loosely tra…

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New Japanese Phrase Invented For Summer: “Natsui ne”

A new Japanese phrase has been invented for summer cleverly crafted through the combination of the words “hot” and “summer”.
The phrase encapsulates both the pleasure of informing people it’s hot, bu…

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Short term SIM card for Japan

This September I will be travelling to Japan for the Rugby World Cup and I am planning to spend almost a month there. I’ve heard that free WiFi is not that widely spread in Tokyo let alone smaller to…

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Newbie Gaijin Appears To Be Having Way More Fun

A foreigner recently arriving in Tokyo seems to be getting way more enjoyment out of very ordinary things, according to several long-term foreigners.

A simple street sign is reportedly more than enou…

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Japan To Ban The Gaijin Smash Ahead Of Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Japan will ban the gaijin smash in preparation for an influx of foreigners coming to Tokyo for the 2020 Olympic Games.

Authorities have predicted traffic chaos in the nation’s capital with recent con…

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