The cautionary tale of Japan's "sex recession"

At the forefront of the so-called global "sex recession" is Japan, which has one of the lowest fertility rates on Earth, and it could serve as a cautionary tale for the U.S. and other industrialized …

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand “goop” to enter Japan with Tokyo pop-up

Pop-up store “goop TOKYO pop-up & café” will open from April 19 in the garden of commercial and residential complex Tokyo Midtown.
Visitors to the Tokyo store will also be able to get their hands…

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Downsized dwellings: Inside Tokyo's tiny living spaces

Twenty-five-year-old Sotaro Ito lives in a 9.46-square-meter apartment with a loft in the capital’s retro-hip Koenji district.

His apartment looks more like an office cubicle, with a desk and compute…

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For $450, This Japanese Company Will Quit Your Job For You

Stressed out, overworked, or just over it: Workers in Japan who want to leave their jobs — but don't want to face the stress of quitting in person — are paying a company called Exit to tell their bos…

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Samurai trash collectors clean streets of Tokyo in dramatic fashion 【Videos】

If you dare to litter in Tokyo, you’d better watch out, because there’s a team of fearsome samurai warriors ready to admonish you.

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Monk Sues Mt. Koya Temple

A monk working at the World Heritage site of Mount Koya in Wakayama Prefecture has filed a lawsuit against the organization that operates the temple for damages and unpaid wages, claiming he develope…

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Flea Markets

A cheapo’s paradise, Tokyo flea markets are awesome places for bargain-hunting. And there’s no shortage of them—you’ll find something happening in one of the city’s parks or parking lots just about e…

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Japanese man certified as the world's oldest man

A112-year-old Japanese has been recognized as the world's oldest man.

Masazo Nonaka, a resident of Japan's northern island of Hokkaido, received a certificate from Guinness World Records on Tuesday.

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Earthquake in Shimane

A strong earthquake struck Shimane Prefecture in western Japan early on Monday morning.

Japan's Meteorological Agency says the estimated magnitude was 6.1 and the focus was in the western part of the…

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Fukui Nuclear Plant Online

Kansai Electric Power Co. on Wednesday restarted a reactor at its Oi plant on the Sea of Japan coast, located close to two other units already online, amid lingering safety concerns following the 201…

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