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I love Japan and I visited it many times. I dream of going back there every single day.

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Your perfect Japanese holiday – Nakajima Tatemono in Tokyo

Foreigners coming to Japan think they can only find Japanese style rooms with Onsen and local, delicious Sushi shops at “really traditional places” like Kyoto. Tokyo, with it’s flashy lights and nois…

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Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes: Japanese Anatomy Vocabulary 101

You know what’s more embarrassing than falling on your butt in front of everyone in Japan? Not knowing how to say butt in the first place.

You know what’s more anxiety-inducing than giving a speech …

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Granbell: A New Design Hotel Opens In Shibuya
the main lobby of the newly renovated Grandbell Hotel Shibuya | all photos by Nacasa & Partners

Want to stay in room that only comes to life when the lights are turned down? What about a room…

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