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I love Japan and I visited it many times. I dream of going back there every single day.

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Beautiful installation at the Venice Biennale by Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota
The Key in the Hand (2015) by Chiharu Shiota. | All photos by Sunhi Mang

Last year the Japanese visual artist Chiharu Shiota used the attention she was getting from an exhibition in Washington D.…

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Pantograph Imagines Gadgets From A Parallel World
A binary typewriter with keys for just zero and one

A tube amp wireless router? A binary code typewriter with only a zero and one? A record player that can play 4 records – vocals, guitar, base a…

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It's finally legal to dance after midnight in Tokyo

Tokyo (AFP) - Dancing after midnight in Tokyo will no longer be illegal -- as long as it's not too dark -- after Japan's parliament Wednesday voted to relax laws that banned boogying in one of the wo…

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