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Final episode of Cup Noodle commercial Hungry Days featuring One Piece finally shows Luffy's face soranews24.com

The iconic rubber-limbed main character’s high school version is…surprisingly normal-looking.
The series shows the characters of the series as high school students trying to do their best to survive …

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Restaurant Found In Tokyo Serving Dog Meat, We Investigate soranews24.com

However, it never caught on in Japan, which is why we were blown away to learn that there’s a restaurant in Ikebukuro, Tokyo that offers a selection of dog meat dishes.
The name of the restaurant is …

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New Osamu Tezuka manga to be released this month, penned by AI soranews24.com

Also, late last year it was announced that an AI would be tasked with creating a new Osamu Tezuka manga.
For those unaware, Osamu Tezuka is often called called the “God of Manga,” having created many…

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