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PIKOTARO’s “Everyone must die” is nightmare fuel jrocknews.com

They say fame and fortune often can go to a person’s head, so what would happen if the pineapple-apple-pen PIKOTARO was to release a new album?
Well, you’re wrong.
PIKOTARO has graduated from fruit a…

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Furikake rice toppings gaining popularity in US, but are Americans doing it wrong? soranews24.com

Until recently, rice-loving Americans looking to add a little zing to their favorite grain would need to trek out to the nearest Asian grocery store to pick up a pack of furikake rice topping.
But no…

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First-grader's math test accidentally turns into treatise on confusing Japanese linguistics soranews24.com

Is it because you’re being asked how many ba of birds there are instead of how many wa?
For those unfamiliar, Japanese uses what’s called “counter words,” words that come after a number when counting…

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