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Novelist Haruki Murakami cheers up people in "stay home" radio amid virus english.kyodonews.net

"I would like to help a little to blow away some coronavirus-related blues by using the power of music," Murakami said at the start of the program.
Murakami serves as a disc jockey on his radio show …

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How to Apply for Self-Employed/Freelancer Subsidies in Japan tokyocheapo.com

You can read our article on how to receive your 100,000 yen check available to every resident in Japan; however, this article explains how to receive up to 1 million yen for those who are self-employ…

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FOCUS: Sumo world floored by axed feature, wrestler's death english.kyodonews.net

Around a week before his death, the Japan Sumo Association announced the cancellation of the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament following the government's extension of its nationwide state of emergency in …

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