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Shibuya Pixel Art 2020 www.lexaloffle.com

// Promo video by m7kenji with music by Kyohei FujitaShibuya Pixel Art 2020 is accepting submissions until the end of June, and this year there is a new category for 128x128 games!
Lexaloffle is spon…

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Nintendo and Pokémon Company help grade-school boy get over bullying incident, earn lifelong fan soranews24.com

It’s hard to find a video game company with a bigger reputation for warm and fuzzy feelings than Nintendo.
▼ Deoxys@Piepoki’s story begins with:“Back when I was in the fourth grade, my friend and I g…

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All the Right Parts: Nikon D780 akihabaranews.com

By Talicia Marie StewartAkihabara News (Tokyo) — Nikon’s new full-frame DSLR D780, set to release on January 23, offers a new and improved replacement for the D750.
The D780s predecessor, the D750, w…

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