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Naruto Has Some Of The Best Battles In Anime kotaku.com

Naruto is one of the most intense and captivating anime series I’ve ever watched.
Then there’s Neji Hyuga, who Naruto fights in one-on-one combat as part of his ninja exams to reach the rank of Chuni…

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Snappy as they look, Japanese school uniforms can be an extremely expensive hassle for parents soranews24.com

While some public schools allow pupils to choose what clothing they’ll come to class in, once they reach junior high almost all students in Japan wear uniforms.
There’s also the cultural phenomenon t…

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The Gorgeous First Clip From Lupin III The First Is a Fabulous Homage to a Miyazaki Classic io9.gizmodo.com

We’re not talking about some of the more iconic entries in Hayao Miyazaki’s oeuvre here—but of course, a return to his roots on Lupin itself.
After wowing us with some fantastic trailers and a truly …

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