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Shotengai: Exploring the Nostalgic Pulse of Japan’s Local Shopping Streets blog.gaijinpot.com

Tatsu lived in Jujo for 31 years, just five minutes’ walk from Jujo Ginza.
In a similar way, when I explore old Japanese streets, I tend to view their faded facades through a halcyon haze.
In Tokyo’s…

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Digitally Activated Megaliths Rise Inside an Abandoned Bath House in TeamLab’s Latest Installation www.spoon-tamago.com

Mifuneyama Rakuen Park is a sprawling natural sanctuary in Kyushu that was created in 1845.
These enormous stones serve as inspiration for digital art collective TeamLab’s latest on-site installation…

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Foreigner Enhances Kakkoiiness By Pretending To Not Speak Japanese www.therisingwasabi.com

A foreigner increased his kakkoiiness substantially last night by feigning ignorance of the Japanese language.
The man stuck exclusively to English, except when ordering a drink or speaking to groups…

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