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Tokyo ramen restaurant only lets you in with a reservation, is super-expensive, totally worth it soranews24.com

Called Genei Wagan, the restaurant is located in downtown Tokyo, about midway between Ebisu and Hiroo Stations.
Usually, ramen places are pretty easy to spot, what with their out-in-front menus listi…

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Japanese mascot Shinjo-kun joins ChiiJohn for a trip to the U.S. to see John Oliver 【Video】 soranews24.com

Two otters travel across the ocean to search for “He-John” in this funny and heartwarming video.
Earlier this year, British-born American talk show host John Oliver became obsessed with a Japanese ot…

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Sexy Japanese model famous for curvaceous butt wins praise for photos of her otaku-style bathroom soranews24.com

They call her the Butt Craftswoman, but it’s the place where she parks her backside that has people excited today.
Yuka Kuramochi is sort of an anomaly in the Japanese sexy gravure modeling world.

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