The new Japan Taxi from Toyota wants to be an international icon

Japan’s getting an iconic new taxi courtesy of Toyota. The new, aptly named ‘Japan Taxi’ (or Jpn Taxi for conveniently fitting on a rooftop sign) is already on roads, and bears a slight resemblance...

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JR firms to run joint, across-Japan luxury train tour

The seven Japan Railways Group companies said Tuesday they will offer a special across-Japan sightseeing tour plan using 24 select trains, including the Cassiopeia overnight limited express, whose ...

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Woman’s experience being lost in Tokyo station spawned mapmaking business

The idea for Navit Co. was born out of its president’s own experience of getting stuck in the labyrinth of a Tokyo subway station. The station map maker is now looking to expand its services nation...

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Japan to ban cars with Takata airbags

Japan's transport ministry has decided to ban vehicles still fitted with Takata airbags from running on public roads.

Since 2004, there have been about 200 cases worldwide of unusual ruptures of Ta...

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Minami Alps tunnel for maglev line

Central Japan Railway Co. (JR Tokai) on Wednesday showed to the press part of the site for a tunnel to be constructed under the Minami Alps huge mountain range as part of its magnetic levitation ul...

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The Automobiles of Tokyo 2017

In a crowded city with a population over 13 million people, vehicles here tend to be on the small and efficient side. Gas is expensive, parking is difficult, and driving is on the left side of the ...

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Panasonic's self-driving wheelchairs are now trundling around a Tokyo airport

Panasonic wants to have lots of its electric wheelchairs in place at major airports across the country in time for the Olympics, which is coming to Japan in 2020. Trials have just launched at Tokyo...

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Transport rules to be relaxed

The transport ministry plans to significantly roll back regulations in September on buses, taxis and trucks to allow them to carry both passengers and packages, it has been learned.

With a shortage...

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Sound of wind chimes keeps train passengers cool

Train passengers in eastern Japan are keeping cool to the sound of wind chimes.

Every summer, Jomo Electric Railway hangs 100 wind chimes along the ceiling of a 2-car train that runs between 2 citi...

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Research about main blockers to purchasing an electric car

Full electric cars are getting a bit more practical these days, so this look at electric cars has interesting results; I’m especially surprised that that people are more curious about diesel engine...

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