Japan takes a big step toward widespread drone delivery service www.theverge.com

Japan, perhaps more than any nation on Earth, has a deep history with autonomous drones. Its companies have been using them for decades to assist with agriculture, infrastructure inspection, and co...

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Autos of Tokyo Auto Salon 2017 akihabaranews.com

Another gallery of Tokyo Auto Salon photos.

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Docomo to offer AI smartphone system to support bus operations from 2019 www.japantimes.co.jp

NTT Docomo Inc. will begin offering by March 2019 an artificial intelligence-based smartphone system that promises more efficient bus services.

Using a smartphone application, people will ask to be...

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Tokyo eyes self-driven delivery by 2030 in industrial AI plan feedly.com

Autonomous trucks and drones should be handling deliveries in Japan by 2030, the government says, showing a path forward for an overburdened field as part of a timeline for a more fully automated s...

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This Is What Street-Style Drifting Looks Like In Japan blackflag.jalopnik.com

It’s called sanpatsu, as drift video explainer blogger Noriyaro explains. It’s like a triple-flick to link one corner to another along a bit of a straight. There’s a wide port road built for trucks...

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Paris vs Tokyo: the two different models for express commuter rail stopping patterns www.citymetric.com

Many cities have large commuter rail networks, which function as urban rapid transit and extend into the suburbs. They use mainline rail rather than separate subway tracks, but are identical in oth...

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Navigating Tokyo's subway maze gets easier for tourists www.asahi.com

The Tokyo metropolitan government on Feb. 21 installed its first multiple-language, direction-giving ticket-vending machine on a Toei subway line to prepare for a further influx of visitors from ab...

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Experience a Life-Size Entry Plug Cockpit in the Eva Shinkansen otakumode.com

The 500 Type Eva shinkansen is the result of a collaboration between JR West and the Evangelion franchise, and it's been thrilling passengers since it first started running in November 2015. Now fa...

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Renting a Car in Japan www.japan-guide.com

It's been getting easier for foreign travelers to rent a car in Japan. Some places even have car navigation systems that support English. This post explains in detail how you can rent a car while t...

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All the bizarre, wonderful of the 2017 Tokyo Auto Salon autoweek.com

With a history spanning back almost four decades, the annual Tokyo Auto Salon (TAS) aftermarket and tuning show has become a must-see for any enthusiast. The show is as unique as the market it att...

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