weird Japanese toys that should’ve never existed in the first place

This is a topic that we will never run out of articles for :-p

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Docomo designed flying spherical displays

The device comprises a spherical external frame, an internal LED frame consisting of a series of eight curved LED strips that extend from top to bottom, a drone fitted inside the sphere and legs pr...

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Bridgestone announces airless tires for bicycles

Bridgestone has announced the latest in its line of “airless tires” that do not require inflation, this time adapting the technology for bicycles.

The second generation of the Air Free Concept was ...

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Brace yourselves! The original Tamagotchi is making a comeback

In 1996, a subsidiary of Bandai Namco changed the world of gaming with the release of the Tamagotchi. In the years since, the small handheld digital pet has gone on to gain cult status among toy af...

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ProPilot chair: The Solution to Standing in Lines - Sitting

The ProPILOT Chair was developed based on Nissan’s autonomous driving tech, and its appearance at cuud is a temporary one meant to give people a chance to experience the technology behind it.

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Thanko’s Smaneck is hanging phone holder for keeping hands free while filming

This is certainly not a fashion accessory even by the slightly outlandish standards of Tokyo. Instead, the Smaneck (“smartphone neck”) is a simple yet ingenious way to hold your phone while keeping...

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Sony MESH Instant IoT Toolkit

At Mobile World Congres, Sony Introduced MESH. It is an IoT toolkit that can transform normal things into smart gadgets. MESH Tags have variety of functions including motion sensor/LED/button/brigh...

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5 Things You Should Know About Drones in Japan

While drones are steadily getting more popular in Japan, many people have a lack of knowledge about the rules and regulations. This is largely due to a language barrier as most of the information t...

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Japanese produce this e-paper smart calendar

A designer named Kosho Tsuboi has conceived a beautiful gadget idea. His product, the Magic Calendar, is an e-paper calendar that syncs with a smartphone to display your schedule. The project is as...

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Sony Is Killing Off The PS3 In Japan, It Seems

In Japan, currently there is only one model of PlayStation 3: the charcoal black 500GB version. That console’s days are numbered.

As Inside points out, Sony recently announced on the console’s offi...

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