Susuharai: Year-end Eventin Kyoto

Monks and laypeople beat tatami mats with bamboo slats during year-end cleaning called “susuharai” at the Nishi Honganji temple in Kyoto on Wednesday. They stir up the dust accumulated throughout t...

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More Tax Concessions for Tourists

The Japanese government is looking for ways to get foreign tourists to spend more money while visiting the country. Tourists are not spending as much as they used to.

Government sources say officia...

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Japan, Germany both appreciate long-term thinking

Japan’s tourism industry has flourished due to the steadily increasing number of foreign visitors over the past few years. Donald Bunkenburg, senior director for Japan and Korea of the Lufthansa Gr...

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Tax Free Sake!

Foreign tourists now can buy sake and other alcoholic beverages tax-free at breweries and distilleries in Japan.

Launched on Sunday, the tax-free program is expected to give a further boost to alre...

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Schools, firms ramping up efforts to train volunteers for 2020 Tokyo Games

With less than three years to go before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, a surge of interest has been seen in people hoping to be trained to become Olympic volunteers, seen as vital to the smooth operation...

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Wagyu beef offered in Japan Festival in Brazil

People in Brazil have enjoyed sampling Japanese "wagyu" premium marbled beef and other local dishes in an annual festival of Japanese culture.

The 20th edition of the Festival of Japan was held on ...

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Tokyo expands language help for emergency calls

The Tokyo Fire Department has begun offering multilingual call-handling to improve efficiency of service when emergency calls are made by foreigners in the Japanese capital.

24-hour interpretation ...

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Mt. Fuji Climbing Season

You can climb Mt. Fuji only in summer, within a span of around two months. This year's season just started.

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Free Bus Tours in Nara

In a move that makes us wonder whether Nara has a bit of a chip on its shoulder about its more popular neighbour Kyoto, the Nara Prefectural Government is bringing back its free bus tours for a lim...

posted by  Tanuki | 2 years ago | 2 comments

Head to Koenji for Foreigner-Friendly Fun

Although ostensibly an area that is little different from the rest of suburban Tokyo, it’s to Koenji’s credit that it doesn’t take much digging to discover that appearances can be deceptive. In thi...

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