Honda developing successor to ASIMO robot for more practical use

Honda Motor Co. is developing a successor to its ASIMO humanoid robot, which can walk on two legs, to use for more practical purposes such as nursing care, a company official said Thursday.

"We wil...

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Japan's Hayabusa 2 spacecraft reaches cosmic 'diamond'

A Japanese spacecraft has arrived at its target - an asteroid shaped like a diamond or, according to some, a spinning top.

Hayabusa 2 has been travelling toward the space rock Ryugu since launching...

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Anime ‘virtual YouTube hosts’ are a thing, and Gree’s using VR to make them

If you haven’t heard of “virtual YouTubers” or VTubers, you’re not alone: the recent Japanese trend turns human actors into cartoony virtual characters for YouTube videos. Now Japanese gaming and m...

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Flying Dragon Robot Transforms Itself to Squeeze Through Gaps

At JSK Lab at the University of Tokyo, roboticists have developed a robot called DRAGON, which (obviously) stands for for “Dual-rotor embedded multilink Robot with the Ability of multi-deGree-of-fr...

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Japan Approves Revolutionary Stem Cell Technique to Treat Heart Disease

Japanese medical researchers just gained approval to treat patients with heart disease through a unique stem cell process. The technique is called induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells -- stems cell...

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This Japanese AI Startup Aims to Teach Factory Robots to Think

Japan’s Preferred Networks Inc. has only one publicly available product, a whimsical application that uses artificial intelligence to automate the coloring of manga cartoons.

Yet the four-year-old ...

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Abundant water likely to exist under ‘moon rabbit,’ Japanese research team says

Abundant water is highly likely to exist in the form of ice under Oceanus Procellarum, a lunar mare known as “moon rabbit” in Japan, a Japanese research team has said.

Although it was long thought ...

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Disrupting Japan 120: This Startup Just Built Japan’s Most Powerful Supercomputer

Preferred Networks is making changes in Japan.

Over the past few years, this AI startup has raised more than $130M in venture funding and grown to more than 130 people.

If you live outside of Japan...

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The Japanese Space Bots That Could Build ‘Moon Valley’

On March 11, 2011, Kazuya Yoshida’s lab at Tohoku University in Japan started shaking. Things fell from the ceiling. The bookshelves collapsed. Off the coast of the city of Sendai, the ocean floor ...

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An in-depth tour of Nikon’s Hikari Glass factory

The Hikari factory is in northern Japan, in Akita Prefecture, just a little south and east of the capital city of Akita itself. Akita is on the western coast of Japan, so the prevailing winds blow ...

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