Tokyo Hidden Gems Food Tour in Shibuya Okushibu

posted by  banzaitokyo | 5 months, 3 weeks ago

Secret Tokyo Food Tour in Shibuya Okushibu area. Discovering Tokyo Hidden Gems street food and Tokyo restaurants that are rarely shown. This Tokyo food guide, will venture into the Tokyo backstreets of Shibuya to tour hidden tokyo food spots. The Okushibu area is comprised of Kamiyamacho, Tomigaya and Udagawacho areas and is just on the outskirts of Shibuya making it an easy Japan tourist destination to get away from the crowds. This Tokyo food adventure is joined by Maiko. There are many Tokyo hidden gems found in this Okushibu food guide including Sebasitian shaved ice kakigori, Tokyo coffee spots and even an amazing cheese stand. These Tokyo hidden spots don't usually get talked about compared to many Tokyo tourist trap locations, but they are definitely worth visiting. Also, the Okushibu neighborhood itself is quiet and peaceful so a perfect way to beat the Shibuya crowds to catch your breath and enjoy a small town atmosphere in a big Tokyo city. Hidden gems in Tokyo are plenty and requires a bit of exploration, but worth it. I hope you enjoy this Shibuya food tour of it's outskirt area called Okushibu. Okushibu is short for okushibuya. Oku abstractly means going deep inside of something and Shibu is short for Shibuya.