Day in the Life of a Typical Japanese Cosplay Worker

posted by  banzaitokyo | 8 months ago

A day in the life of a Japanese Anime Cosplayer working in Tokyo Japan. The life of a typical Japanese Worker in the Cosplay world in Tokyo is different than the average Japanese salaryman. The average Japan working hours are completely different for the Japanese worker in Cosplay because of the job requirements are more flexible. Working in Japan can be grueling depending on the Job in Tokyo, but it can be more flexible if you decide. The Cosplayer life is a bit more free than the typical Japanese worker. This day in the life Japan cosplay video can highlight different opportunities working in Japan. There are manga cosplayer or anime cosplayer and it really depends on the Japan cosplayer interests. The cosplay life is not for most, but if you love it like Yuzuchi, a 20 year old Japanese female worker in Japan, then each day can be an enjoyable experience. The average Japanese working day for most salarymen starts between 8AM-9AM and finishes around 6PM - 7PM, but there is also a lot of Japanese overtime depending on the Japanese company. The Japanese worker in Cosplay, is able to start later in the day, but also works quite late as you will see in this video. This Japanese Cosplayer will visit a Japanese studio, meet with a friend for dinner and karaoke and also have late working hours for her online job.