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posted by  banzaitokyo | 2 years, 7 months ago

Akihabara.Tokyo is a dot Tokyo domain and we are not afraid of competition, on the contrary, more in quality and quantity dot Tokyo domains could improve recognition of our URL. Even now, years after the creation of .Tokyo top level domain name (it was introduced back in 2014) the number of websites that use it as their main URL is very low. Even Tokyo neighborhood names are either still held by the registrar or used as placeholders.

Let’s see what domains in dot Tokyo zone are used and which should be used but aren’t.

Tokyo Neighborhoods

Each of the Tokyo subway station deserves to have it’s own .Tokyo domain. And some of the larger stations are more like whole cities of their own with distinct look and feel. But it seems that those recognizable names are sitting there and missing their opportunities online.

Akihabara.Tokyo - that is us :) Probably the most popular domain in dot Tokyo zone
Asakusa.Tokyo - redirects to a strange unfinished website asakusa.cruises
Ginza.Tokyo - the registrar’s page. I am not sure if it is still hold by GMO (the registrar) or was purchased by someone and never used.
Harajuku.Tokyo - held by the registrar
Ikebukuro.Tokyo - redirects to some personal GitHub website
Kanda.Tokyo - this domain name is taken but there is nothing there, not even a placeholder page
Kichijoji.Tokyo - this is the first legitimate website that I found that uses the domain name as its primary address. It is not a neighborhood website, but a Kichijoji based clinic, but still good!
Koenji.Tokyo - registrar’s page
Nakameguro.Tokyo - registrar’s page
Roppongi.Tokyo - registrar’s page
Shibuya.Tokyo - the domain is taken, but nothing there. This physically hurts me, Shibuya is one of the most iconic neighborhoods in Tokyo and it is such a waste that this domain name is not used. Mottainai!
Shimbashi.Tokyo - registrar’s page
Shinjuku.Tokyo - the domain name is taken but nothing is there.
Tokyo.Tokyo - the domain name is taken but nothing is there. This is more than mottainai. This is bizarre. Especially taken into consideration that there ads around the city for Tokyo.Tokyo (I don’t know what they advertise, see the top image)
Ueno.Tokyo - displays google maps centered around Ueno station. Well, it’s a good start, but I wish they did something more about it. Especially considering they are so close to Akihabara, we are practically neighbors!

To sum it up, most of the names of the larger Tokyo areas are wasted. I will do a check of other domains later and post an update. But it seems that the potential of .Tokyo is not fully used yet.

Other website that use dot Tokyo as their main domain

TechJobs.Tokyo - as the name says it is a listing of tech jobs in Tokyo. The website is in English but most job descriptions are in Japanese.
Manga.Tokyo - quite a lively website about manga