Lixil AI-based Toilet Analyzes Shape & Size of Feces with Camera and LEDs www.cnx-software.com

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Earlier this year, we wrote about machine learning & image processing in embedded systems using pasta type classification as an example.
Lixil Group, a Japanese company manufacturing housing equipment, is working on a concept using similar technology, but instead of classifying pasta, they implemented the technology into an AI-based toilet that checks the shape and size of feces of people living in elderly facilities.
Lixil’s toilet was unveiled at the 46th International Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition (HCR 2019) in Tokyo at the end of last month.
The system relies on a camera and two LED’s placed on the back of the seat, which turn on when the user sits on the seat.
You’ll probably be glad to know the AI toilet was tested on Lixil’s employees with 3,000 images, and judgment accuracy is now 80% or higher.

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This obsession with putting cameras everywhere has to end.