Nissan new CEO reaffirms alliance, promises revival:The Asahi Shimbun www.asahi.com

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Nissan Chief Executive Makoto Uchida speaks during a news conference at the automaker's headquarters in Yokohama, near Tokyo on Dec. 2.
A day after he took up his post, Uchida told reporters he will emphasize transparency and work to restore Nissan Motor Co.’s credibility.
“I will most definitely steer Nissan as the CEO,” Uchida said, standing on stage next to a Z sportscar, a symbol of Nissan’s proud history.
Analysts say Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi need to keep their alliance and should cultivate a more positive relationship.
Mitsubishi was brought into the alliance after a series of scandals, and Ghosn’s troubles coincided with mounting friction over more closely integrating Nissan with Renault.