The creators of Animal Crossing hope New Horizons can be ‘an escape’ in difficult times www.theverge.com

posted by  AkihabaraBot | 4 months, 2 weeks ago

Animal Crossing: New Horizons seems almost ideally suited for this scenario.
It’s a game where players can live a relaxed life in the outdoors, and safely meet up with friends online.
A cursory glance at Twitter reveals fans begging Nintendo to release New Horizons early or counting down the days until it comes out.
Considering the timing, we hope that a lot of the Animal Crossing fans will use this as an escape, so they can enjoy themselves during this difficult time.”One element that should help with this is New Horizons’ simultaneous global release.
“So I think that a global, simultaneous release is a really good approach for the franchise.”Animal Crossing: New Horizons launches on March 20th on the Nintendo Switch.