Daisuke Motogi Architects designs 'dappled' office in tokyo www.designboom.com

daisuke architecture and design (DDAA) designs the tokyo office space for DAQ, an iphone accessories company. the space had been converted from a former french restaurant. a black perforated partit...

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Kengo Kuma’s Tokyo 2020 Olympic Stadium Begins Construction www.archdaily.com

Construction has begun on Kengo Kuma’s design for the Tokyo 2020 National Olympic Stadium, a year after the scheme was selected to replace the original stadium design by Zaha Hadid Architects and t...

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Japan’s Fiery Toyohashi Gion Festival www.theatlantic.com

In central Japan, near Mikawa Bay, the Toyohashi Gion Festival—during which local men set off large handheld fireworks as part of a Shinto ritual—has taken place annually for more than 350 years. A...

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Japan's Ninja ShortageA small Japanese city is facing a ninja shortage — even though the salary is $85,000 www.npr.org

You may have heard about Japan's demographic crisis— but the country is facing another, lesser-known crisis as well.

Japan does not have enough Ninjas.

In an episode of NPR's "Planet Money" podcast...

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Schemata Architects contrasts original features with modern interventions for Japanese office www.dezeen.com

Schemata Architects, headed by Jo Nagasaka, has converted a traditional house in Kamakura, Japan, into an office featuring modern fitted furniture.

The building is located in a quiet, residential n...

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10 Things in Tokyo: July 2018 www.tokyoartbeat.com

TokyoArtBeat recommends these 10 art events.

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Exhibition of new works by Hajime Sorayama www.nug.jp

NANZUKA is pleased to announce "Sorayama Explosion" an exhibition of new works by Hajime Sorayama (1947-). This show marks the artist’s third presentation with the gallery, as the first time in two...

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Being An Otaku Has Gotten Easier, Says Shoko Nakagawa kotaku.com

Shoko Nakagawa is a Japanese pop star, actress, illustrator and TV personality. She’s found mainstream success in Japan. She is also a proud otaku.

“I knew I was an otaku from a very early age,” Na...

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Japanese Writing After Murakami www.the-tls.co.uk

At public readings, either in Japanese or English, the novelist Hideo Furukawa performs like a banshee. He voices his characters’ personae, tenor shifting from stentorian to hushed, growling, trill...

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Digital art museum ready to light up Tokyo’s Odaiba www.asahi.com

Dedicated solely to digital art, the Mori Building Digital Art Museum teamLab Borderless will open in Tokyo’s Odaiba district in June. About 40 works created by teamLab and put on permanent display...

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