Beautiful Tokyo Photographs by Matthew Pillsbury matthewpillsbury.com

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“For over a decade, Pillsbury has made long exposure photographs using only available light. Across several series and in many cities, he has focused on the passage of time and people within spaces both public and private. His work has addressed the growing role that technology is playing in our lives and the sense of modern seclusion that can seem at odds with the constant connectivity being offered by our smartphones and tablets.

Millions of people file through the streets and subways of Tokyo - the world's most populous megalopolis - and yet it is often done silently, with each person quietly interacting with their gadgets. That disconnect is at the very heart of so much of our modern existence and deeply imbedded within Pillsbury's oeuvre. Technology use, as it has in much of the world, has increased exponentially in Tokyo, latching itself onto everything from modern-day cell phone-obsessed geisha women to the ultra-hip neighborhood of Shinjuku, where themed clubs and bars now include high-tech robotics as a featured part of the entertainment.

While the temples are still revered and deeply respected places of worship, pop culture and rebellion amongst Western-obsessed Japanese youth have crept irreversibly in, forcing sacred and traditional sites to share cultural importance with modern Manga robots and Disney castles. To capture this shifting energy and some of the surreal scenes he encountered, Pillsbury has started making color photographs and using much shorter exposures. Pillsbury moves freely within the vibrant pockets of buzzing Tokyo allowing him to contend with what for him has been a career long fascination with technology, alienation and who we are becoming armed with our electronic tools.”

-Benrubi Gallery

0 | #12634 by  BarbaraEbara | 6 years, 10 months ago
These are brilliant shots! True works of art. It is like he captured the pure essence of life in Tokyo. The busy life just moving about and being frozen at the same time makes for some beautiful shots. Capturing shifting energy and movements is very big right now in the photography world so I am sure we will see a lot more of these types of pictures in the near future.
0 | #12702 by  RamenRyan | 6 years, 10 months ago
I agree with this completely. This is something that will be all over. I love when someone just breaks down the wall of art and transforms something so simple into a new creation.