Maruhiro: A Japanese Pottery Shop With an Elevated Base Made From 25,000 Pieces of Imperfect Ceramics
All photos by Takumi Ota | click to enlarge

The Maruhiro Flagship Store in Saga Prefecture recently underwent a dramatic remodeling. When the new doors – or should I say, floors – opened in Apr...

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Emptiness The Sky: A Tea House Made From Charred Wood by Miya Ando

Shou-sugi-ban (???) is a traditional Japanese method of treating wood used for the exterior of homes and temples. Sometimes also called yaki-sugi-ita, the process involves charring the wood to a ...

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BBQ in Tokyo

The enjoyment of cooking and eating together around the grill cannot be denied by food-lovers all over the world. Even in Japan grilled meat is an important part of many restaurants menus. However,...

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WI-FI HOTSPOT GUIDE / Official Tokyo Travel Guide GO TOKYO

In Tokyo, there is a rapidly growing number of areas that provide internet access services utilizing public wireless LAN. Thus, it is possible to enjoy high-speed wireless internet connections at a...

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Ekiben! Japanese Food on Japanese Trains and Beyond

In the US, feeding yourself while traveling is pretty much just a chore. Highway rest areas with the same fast food chains all over the country let your fuel yourself and your car at the same time,...

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Tokyo is the city to beat

At first glance, Tokyo appears like the clean, organized capital of any rich country. Yet I soon start noticing little differences — like the somewhat unhealthy fixation Japanese men have with marb...

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Character Street - Tokyo Station

Akihabara is not the only place for finding character goods. The "Character Street", located at the basement of the Tokyo Station Building, houses many character shops with goods from NHK...

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Story in my Hands – GAKUTEN Artist Spotlight

Every year in August students from all over Japan and the world gather at Tokyo Big Sight for an event organized by Design Festa called GAKUTEN. This event is for elementary, middle, high school, c...

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An Exhibition Featuring Work From Japan’s Largest Facebook Photography Page

With over 300K fans, Tokyo Camera Club is Japan’s largest community of photographers. And despite what their name will have you believe, you don’t have to be Japanese, not take pictures of Japan,...

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How Blue Lights on Train Platforms Combat Tokyo's Suicide Epidemic - Next City

The most visible of the government's anti-suicide efforts can be found in Tokyo's train stations. Photo credit: Janne Moren via Flickr There is a blue light at the end of the train platform, and it...

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