Hatsumode truly rings in New Year for most in Japan | Japan Update

Hatsumode Japanese traditional New Year event, in which folks visit a shrine or temple for the first time right after the new year begins, which means a Friday midnight night visit to a temple or s...

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Narita Airport’s New Toilet Gallery is a Museum for Bathrooms
TOTO’s new toilet gallery at Narita Airport | click images to enlarge

It’s no secret that Japan has some of the most advanced toilets in the world. They respond to your voice, they heat your bu...

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10 Free Things to do in Harajuku

Have an amazing Tokyo experience without the expensive price tag - download our ebook ? If there's one thing in Tokyo that's really expensive, it's space. Luckily for those interested in or committ...

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The 3 Anime You Should Watch This Season: Spring 2015

The weather’s been goofy this spring but at least the anime’s been pretty good. The spring anime season is well under way. Last season offered up some good picks and it looks like this one promises...

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Tokyo: 10 Things to Do

Forget kabuki; sumo is better theater. If you happen to be in Tokyo during one of the three grand tournaments - 15-day events in January, May and September - you can catch some of the action at Ryo...

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Japan proud of its high-tech toilets

Tokyo (AFP) - Japan is readying to lift the lid on what could be its most effective global marketing gimmick yet: the high-tech toilet seat. Few foreign visitors make it through their first day in ...

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Inside geek heaven - Tokyo's Yodobashi Akiba in pictures

Towering nine stories over Akihabara Station, Yodobashi Akiba dominates the skyline. It also houses the most incredible collection of gadgets, plastic models and other geeky goodness we have ever s...

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Tokyo: Humanoid robot woman ChihiraAico directs customers around department store [Video]

Large companies is Japan have their own pet projects on humanoid, or animal robots. Here is the one by Toshiba.

Customers visiting an uptown department store in Tokyo, Japan, from 20 April onwards...

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Kaomoji (Japanese Emoticons) And How To Use Them

In America and in "the West," the texting world is enamored with emoji. Emoji (???), literally means picture (?) letters (??). These are little drawings that go along with your text and t...

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Linear Liner Maglev Train Toy

Train-lovers (Densha Otaku) are a significant group that frequents the hobby shops of Akihabara. I am sure they will enjoy this model, and someone might even come up with a cheaper version! Linear ...

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