Beautiful installation at the Venice Biennale by Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota
The Key in the Hand (2015) by Chiharu Shiota. | All photos by Sunhi Mang

Last year the Japanese visual artist Chiharu Shiota used the attention she was getting from an exhibition in Washington ...

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Pantograph Imagines Gadgets From A Parallel World
A binary typewriter with keys for just zero and one

A tube amp wireless router? A binary code typewriter with only a zero and one? A record player that can play 4 records – vocals, guitar, base...

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It's finally legal to dance after midnight in Tokyo

Tokyo (AFP) - Dancing after midnight in Tokyo will no longer be illegal -- as long as it's not too dark -- after Japan's parliament Wednesday voted to relax laws that banned boogying in one of the ...

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JET Program Culture Shock Part 3: Coping with Culture Shock in Japan

The last two articles, defining culture shock and preparing for culture shock, were leading up to this. Dealing with culture shock while you’re shocked is the most important piece of the puzzle. Th...

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SoftBank's emotionally aware robot goes on sale in Japan - and it's set to go worldwide

SoftBank's emotion-sensing robot Pepper will be available to buy in Japan from June 20 for around $9,040 (¥ 1,093,400). That price includes the robot's retail cost of JPY 198,000 (about US$1,600) a...

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Crowding out regulars: Japanese hotels face room shortages as tourism booms- Nikkei Asian Review

TOKYO -- Hotels in Tokyo, Osaka and other major cities in Japan are nearing capacity as tourists stream in, leaving some travelers struggling to secure rooms. Foreign customers at Hotel Okura Tokyo...

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Tokyo camera shop guide

I have put together a shopping guide for anybody who is going to travel to, or currently lives in Tokyo. Anybody who is interested in photography knows how confusing and overwhelming Tokyo is. The ...

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Yamanote Line in central Tokyo getting new trains in November - AJW by The Asahi Shimbun

Additional screens and fewer advertisements will be featured on new trains for the Yamanote Line in Tokyo next month when the bustling loop gets its first upgrade in 13 years, East Japan Railway Co...

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Home - 23rd 3D & Virtual Reality Expo - Japan's leading trade show for 3D & virtual reality technology.

3D & Virtual Reality Expo (IVR) is Japan's largest exhibition gathering all kinds of 3D/Virtual Reality technologies, products and solutions.

read the original article

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A Suspended Bonsai Installed Inside an Abandoned Power Plant

In the city of Charleroi just north of Brussels in Belgium sits an abandoned power station. Originally built in 1921, the coal-burning Power Plant IM remained operational for almost 90 years unti...

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