The Incredible Sand Sculptures of Toshihiko Hosaka

Toshihiko Hosaka began making sand sculptures in art school and has been using beaches and sand boxes as his canvas for almost 20 years. His work defies what we typically think of as sand art as he...

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Photographer Shoichi Aoki on capturing Tokyo street fashion

For over two decades, Japanese photographer Shoichi Aoki has been documenting the most outlandish, provocative and definitive Tokyo street fashion.

But in December 2016, Aoki shut down the cult fan...

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Nintendo x Uniqlo T-shirt Competition Winners On Sale From May 19

Uniqlo’s UT Grand Prix T-shirt design contest received the largest number of entries ever last year. The theme of the competition was Nintendo and fans from all over the world were invited to submi...

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Sacred island of Okinoshima recommended for UNESCO World Heritage site status

Japan and its tourism industry is obsessed with UNESCO World Heritage sites, a fascination driven by a highly successful TV show. While other countries boast many more registered sites, locals are ...

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Keeping Japan’s Traditional Music Alive: Koto Player Curtis Patterson

Chicago-born Curtis Patterson has lived in Japan since 1986, dedicating himself to the koto, a traditional Japanese instrument something like the harp. In addition to composing and performing music...

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Tokyo Boogie-Woogie

Photo: Hiromu Nagahara and his new book, “Tokyo Boogie-Woogie: Japan’s Pop Era and Its Discontents,” published by Harvard University Press.

The book explores pop music and the transformation of Jap...

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The 3 Million Yen MUJI Hut, Coming this Fall

A year and a half ago, MUJI revealed plans to begin selling huts: small, humble abodes that would allow users to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, anywhere they wanted. They commissioned 3 notabl...

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May 2017: 5 Events Not to Miss in Tokyo

After a long winter and bouts of rain, it’s finally beginning to feel like spring. June will be rainy and uncomfortably humid, so why not enjoy the nice, warm weather while it lasts by heading out ...

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You Can Now Own a Kengo Kuma-Designed Trailer Home for 3.5 Million Yen

Are you looking to downsize from your expensive city apartment? Or Maybe you’re just looking to simplify your life? Well now you can do so in style thanks to a collaboration between architect Kengo...

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Listening to the Voices of Trees: The Bonsai World of Kawabe Takeo

“Trees are like people,” says Kawabe Takeo. “They have their individual personalities just like us. They are living things imbued with a natural life force and vitality that goes beyond anything we...

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