Japan's iconic giant Gundam fires its last shot in Tokyo www.cnet.com

The iconic giant Gundam that has protected citizens in Tokyo, Japan since 2009 is officially no more.

After its last show on March 5, the 59-foot (18-meter) tall RX-78 Gundam replica was officially...

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The Life-Size Gundam In Tokyo Will Be Replaced By The Unicorn Gundam This Fall www.forbes.com

Today marks the last day of the life-size Gundam in Tokyo, as it is now going to be dismantled. However, not only are there plans to create a life-size Gundam that walks by 2019 but we are also get...

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First look at artwork by Yayoi Kusama at Ginza Six complex, opening spring 2017 www.japantrends.com

The center of the complex, which is set to open on April 20th, will also host an exhibition space overseen by Mori Art Museum’s Fumio Nanjo. The debut exhibition will be an installation by Yayoi Ku...

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Every year, a Japanese village in northern Aomori Prefecture creates field-sized, living, 3D paintings made of coloured rice shoots. www.bbc.com

From ground level, it didn’t look like much. In fact, the scene looked like a lot of rural Japan: rice paddies with tender shoots in shades of green, rippling in the wind and stretching off into th...

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8 Contemporary Japanese Novelists (Who Aren’t Haruki Murakami) blog.gaijinpot.com

When Japanese bookshops opened up at midnight on Feb. 24 for his book launch event, Haruki Murakami was back in the news and back on our shelves. Although no publication date has yet been set for t...

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Tatoo craftsman Yoshihito Nakano metropolisjapan.com

Rather than a typical tattoo parlor, the room resembled a tiny school library filled with hundreds of books on everything from paintings to Chinese calligraphy. However, there were some clues point...

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Art In Unexpected Places: “Blossom Blast 2017” tokyocheapo.com

Serendipity brings with it all kinds of gifts. Sometimes chance meetings or random conversations can start new friendships, ideas, and collaborations. Other times when the timing is right, a simple...

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Otherworldly Architecture in Japan’s Magical Mountainside www.nytimes.com

The mountain town of Karuizawa is about an hour’s train ride northwest of Tokyo, a journey that zooms past the small, heartbreaking scenes of beauty that any traveler here knows, an endlessly repea...

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Legendary Japanese animator Miyazaki comes out of retirement for new film www.japantimes.co.jp

Here is some great news for all of you Studio Ghibli Anime fans.

Oscar-winning Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki has come out of retirement to work on a new animated feature film, a producer at Stud...

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With New Exhibition, Hokusai Museum Points Spotlight On Ukiyo-e Collectors www.spoon-tamago.com

Since it opened in November of 2016, the Sumida Hokusai Museum in Tokyo has already recorded 100,000 visitors, proving that the enigmatic Katsushika Hokusai continues to be an object of deep fascin...

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